How to trade live news and where?

hi,where do you watch live news and do you trade it.

You can watch news for trading from financial news websites like Bloomberg, CNBC, and Reuters. News channels like CNBC and Bloomberg TV also provide live coverage.

Bloomberg & CNBC are very good place for live news. I don’t trade the news yet am very much aware of their influences on my trades.

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I don’t think many people would trade just on live news. News is just one of the many coggs that make the forex machine work.

I’ve never been successful trading the news. :sweat_smile:

Each trader works based on his own strategy, one person may trade with the news and while another person does not care about the news and another person takes a look at the news. A reliable site for checking Forex news is Forex Factory.

I don’t watch news but I check their news on their websites.
I use Bloomberg and trading view.

I advise against trading during the time of the news. If you trade, please choose a low leverage to reduce the risk of your trades.

Yep! Some rookies are abusing news trading with big leverages. I think the consequences are apparent enough, and deplorable from time to time. They should treat news trading wisely.

You can check news on

just found a recommendation on this forum about Trading View. There is a news section, and it is well-organized. It might be useful for someone else as well.

I’m aware of dozens of resources but if you just started delving into trading then you can check out resource where all vital news is published daily.
Just open a second page aside the one with the terminal if you trade in th web and that’s it. If you are used to trade on the desktop app then it’s even easier, just run browser and open up this page. There is a multitude of different instruments for proper analysis.

With trading terminology “Trading the News” is often referred to as the major economic data releases, Central Bank Speaches, Central Bank Meeting Minutes and so on as listed on a trading calendar.

As for trading these pre scheduled events live, unless you have a clear understanding how to go about trading these live and a source to be updated with the information on the dot of the scheduled release then it’s not really advisable.

Especially since the liquidity is very thin leading up to the release time and the reaction of the market at time of release is often wild.

Often there will opportunity later to trade.

Waiting to trade after gives you a chance to digest the news and assess if you believe the market reaction is justified or not. You can compare other instruments to see if everything is correlating as you would expect.

Often the quickest updating free sources to monitor at time of these releases are the websites responsible for the data. For example for the Reserve Bank of Australia Rate Decision.

Not really recommended but if you are expecting a big impact from the event you could place One Cancels The Other (OCO) Buy and Sell orders say maybe 5 pips from the price just seconds before scheduled release.

Hope this helps