How To Trade S&R? Help Plz


I have some questions. I like the support and resistance approach to trading because I just don’t like indicators. I believe trading pure price action is best. :cool:

I’m interested in learning how to trade range reversals and breakouts mainly. I’m looking for any ideas/help from others who use this type of trading strat with success.

I’d like to know for a $1,000 account (example). What lot size is ideal. And, say, what take profit and stop loss levels you would typically use.

Basically how do YOU trade S&R for the win?

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Go to forex4noobs dot com and download nickb’s free ebook. He uses nothing but candles and historical S&R. Very easy to do method, and very nicely explained in his eboobk.

youve got to goto this thread

this is the nickb method of trading the gbpjpy on 4h charts using nothing more than s/r levels and basic candle patterns. It is profitable (up to 5% week average) and best of all it is simple.

Thanks Phoenix, I will definately check it out tomorrow evening when I have some free time.

Thanks johnnykanoo, I had just been looking at that thread a bit ago before you posted and it caught my attention. Looks very promising. Again, I will read more about this strategy tomorrow. n1.

I agree with the other two guys, NickB’s method is they way to start S+R trading. There are other more advanced ways to trade S+R you can get into later, but I’d definitely start with the NickB method.

As for lot sizes, I suggest you risk a set percentage of your account balance per trade. I use 2%, so if I had a $1000 balance and I was about to enter a trade with a stoploss of 50 I would divide my risked amount by the stoploss ($20/50) and get 0.4. So I know I should trade $0.40 per pip, which equals 4 micro lots.

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                  if you want to really know that how to trade S&R in forex. then you can visit on is a great strategy Rang Break Out trading, it will be help for you.


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Thanks for the comments guys,

I’ve been doing a bit of playing. Now I don’t normally trade D1, but thought it may be worth a go, from what I found it’s one of the most popular timeframes. With stronger S&R levels and less noise etc.

Ok so I thought I would draw some S&Rs. Please check them (attached), have I done them in the right place, is this where you would have drawn them? If not, how come?

Ok, so now I’m looking for either a reversal or breakout, right? When I spot one, I would then open a trade with lets say a 50 TP and 50 SL for example? Or with it being daily TF, I could maybe go for 100+ pips?

Does this sound like a plan?

Thanks again.

I think the answers were below. Go to Nicks method and learn that. It will give you a simple stress free system on sup/res. Then once you believe you understand things i guess you could visit for a more advenced method of trading sup/res.

I don’t mean to sound rude, but asking the questions you are, you really need to learn only Nick’s first until you are profitable. Don’t make things harder on yourself than you need to.


Hi Vitali,
It sounds like you are basing your 50 pip loss based on NickB’s method, but you need to keep in mind the 50 pips are based on both the GJ and the time frame. For the daily, i am not of the opinion that a static tp and sl pip count is in line.

I do not have a problem with your lines, just make sure you start with the weekly or even the monthly and start drawing your lines. I think you should be able to get most of your common “reaction zones” from the weekly and then firm them up on the daily .

If you believe your lines are correct, after looking from the weekly down, then I would suggest seeing how price reacts around the zones. If price bounces off your lower zone, and you see are reversal pattern, then I think placing the trade with a T/P below the resistance (the upper line), and and a stop just below the support (lower line) is probably a safe bet. Of course, you want to make sure your risk reward ratio’s are in line.

If price continues past, closes lower and price action is still bearish past your support, your T/P would be just above your next support level and a S/L just above the line that was broken.

Keep in mind that when trading the daily, your trade will normally be open for a day to a week or more, and you should manage your trade along the way. I have a personal preference to not use market orders, I would rather forgo a couple of pips to ensure that I have momentum on my side when my trade is finally activated. I will usually place this in a logical place just above the latest high (For longs), or below the latest low (for shorts). Finally, I do not play those lines as exact. I have read, and believe, that those are areas and should be used as guidance and not a firm, 100%, accurate place to align your trades.