How to trade the news perfectly?

Good day please how can I perfectly trade the news?.. can’t see that in the course here; I mean how can I get a catch of good pips trading the news?; to catch the trend thank you.

If you’re asking how to perfectly trade the news, the truth is, you can’t unless you have insider information and know what the data is before the news is released. Attempting to trade with anticipation is nothing more than a guessing game, and the risks involved are often too high. A better approach is to trade the news after it has been released. This strategy is closer to “trading what you see” and allows you to avoid the risk of getting whipsawed.

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Thank you so much Alphahavoc; noted…Is there any way to get this insider information?

Insider trading is considered illegal, and individuals who engage in this practice may face criminal charges and penalties. No point.

It’s not possible to obtain insider information, and even if you could, it’s illegal to use it for trading. Insider information is only available to a select few individuals who have a legitimate need-to-know. It’s important to make trading decisions based on publicly available information and to avoid any illegal behavior. Trading based on insider information can lead to significant legal and financial consequences.

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Thank you Ethan.ishere; I appreciate…

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If you want to learn how to trade the news, be where there is much much more of it - the stock market. Instead of just 8 major currencies there are thousands of stocks to pick from, with fundamentals impacting almost daily. That’s where to be if you are good at news trading.

Trading news is incredibly difficult on forex. Look at charts around news events, more often than not there’s a huge amount of whipsawing during the press release, an eventual big candle with big tails and then it trails back to where it started over the following hours.

Been aware of news disclosure is wise.Even looking at whats ahead the whole week, I think is good practice.Try and look at the “bigger picture” than trying to understand 40.or so minutes of chaos

Okay thank you so much…

Thank you dear…

Noted and thanks so much…

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I believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to news trading, which means there is no perfect strategy. Moreover, news trading can be quite nerve-wracking and carries a high level of risk. Personally, I prefer not to engage in it.

Okay dear thank you; which trading strategy works for you the best?

Some of my nicest trades have been buys right after company financial results were released - medium-sized companies that the financial news media had been saying for a couple of weeks that the results would be strong and the price chart had been bullish in that time period.

Okay Tommor than you…

Hello! I have been trading News for years now! My best strategy is to place pending orders 5 min before the release both ways with a distance from a small consolidation to avoid hitting both trades , so if the market jumps one or another way usually it hit one of the orders, so you can cancel the opposite and run an open trade, move SL to break even or with a small profit and see if it will get to your target, or you can just move your SL closer every time or trail it. If it hits both you can close one with a loss and let the other one to continue your direction until it covers the loss and makes profit…

Thank you JannaFX will try that…

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As I told you I do not trade news. Did you mean news trading strategies or you asked about my trading strategies?

Yes what type of strategy works for you best thank you…