How to trade with candle pattern Part 1 (Pin bar)

Hello there. I’m gonna tell you my price action trading method with pin bar candle pattern. This is actually successful for me. and it’s easy. Take a look at this chart.

Okay. This is GBPJPY H4 chart. There is a nice pin bar candle which I highlighted on the chart. So now, How to make a position.

Once close that pin bar candle, just wait until retrace new candle 40% of previous candle. After that just put the trade and stop loss must be little bit below the previous candle and take profit should be 2 times of stop loss.

According to this trade the stop loss was 30 pips and the target was 60 pips. As well as target was hit nicely. This was a buy trade. You could do the same this on sell position. When creates a candle for sell position. You can use this for h1, h4 daily timeframes

Try this yourself and tell me your success


This is very helpful… thanks

Thank you for explaining this so clearly. :100: