How to trading option

Previously greet you all.
I come from Indonesia.
let me ask … !!
I am a player in option trading, I have been playing for 8 months. but I have never been a winner.
I have made a deposit several times in my account, I suffered a total loss of around 2000 $.

now I have nothing else. is there a suggestion for me?
can anyone teach trading on option trading? I want to be a winner, I’m tired of being a loser. how to trade well in 1m Japanese candil?
what are the indicators that signal profit?
what is the maximum number of entries in one day so that psychology is maintained?
and how long is the expired time for each entry? thanks.

Option is more risk than forex…when you false to predict the chart movement you will lose all bet.

thank you for visiting. I am very happy. hmm do you have information, how do you trading options?

With this kind of volatility in the markets, it would be real tough to make money with
straight calls/puts. I would think you need to be utilizing spreads to take advantage
of the premiums.

I don’t know why people still do binary options, it’s so easy to burn whole account

Mate, do yourself a favor and stop doing binary options right now. You cannot win in the long run. Spend time learning true trading or go for something easier like online marketing…

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To make money on binary option trading, you need a system which have high win rate signal; then the most important thing is that you can control yourself and manage your emotion. you also need know the money management rules and follow it.

binary option is easy to understand and to place trades, but without the strategical money management and psychology management, you can only lose.
this is a negative sum game, most traders are determined to LOSE money to brokers.

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i guess you placed too much per trade and your broker don’t allow you close trades before expiry to stop loss?

I have previously made many investments in binary option and I can tell you that its pure garbage simply because its gambling. if you want to gamble my friend go in a casino,you will have way more fun that way,but if you want to make proper investments you should try forex. i can suggest you guys some brokers that from my personal experience have not failed me like the others,if you want to know more just hit me up

Binary options will earn you money if done right. The only problem is that most people do not know how to go about trading options and end up losing. Try following the tips given by How to trading option and you’ll succeed. Otherwise, stick to Forex trading

I think it’s a scammy as hell industry. But then your name is literally nadextrader. So your view is obviously going to defer to mine on this topic lol

Binary options can be risky and of course more than forex, but also if you have the knowledge and the patience, you can get very good results. I have been doing this for 3 years, trading Forex and Options and no issues received. Like yesterday for example I did 12 trades and I won 10 and tie 2.

Yesterday I took advantage of the price in cosolidations where I trade in the extremes of those consilidations.

If you know how to handle it, you can get very good profits from it

Stay away from Binary Options mate…!

You have spoken well, it took me long time before I came to realise psychological and emotional effects on trading. I started making consistent profit on binary when I decided to follow my rules strictly, taking less trades and running away for the day after 3 consecutives losses without martingale.

do not use all your money in an investment, it is likely that you will lose everything if you do not know how to handle it and especially if you do not know how to control your emotions.
Look for another option where to invest and especially where you feel most comfortable.