How to use MT4 on Android phone to trade

Hello Traders, I trust you are doing well.

Can anyone help me with a Resource on how to use MY4 to trade on an android phone?

Thank you.

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Yea same. I have an android phone also. Specifically i have an LG. So can one of y’all give me tips on how to trade on the android phone?

Hi, I found this short user guide, may help you. Regards Greg

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@ProfesorPips great thank you so much.

I will go through and give a feedback.

@ProfesorPips great resources there. I am very grateful.

Can you get one that can help me do some analysis on the MT4 android phone? I will really appreciate that.


@Dewayne24 I hope you have copied that. It’s a great resource @ProfesorPips shared.