How to use multitimeframe analysis in mean reversion strategies?

Hi. I already know that multitimeframe analysis is an invaluable tool for trading a trend. I would like to know how would this analysis be used to enhance a trendless, mean reversion trade(range trade). I have read the “Bollinger Bands with a reversion to the mean strategy” here and wondered if multiple time frame analysis can make this better.

Certainly can as a overstretched market on one frame may be just a blip on another , best to look at the overall conditions on higher timeframes ie hourly and above and use the lower simply to fine tune a entry

I hear you clearly and appreciate your response alot but I still don’t understand. Is it possible you could be more specific? What am I objectively looking for in the lower, the current and the higher time frames as it relates to mean reversion? Sorry I am a slow leaner.

MEAN = the average price

REVERSION = to return to

so to answer your question, your looking for price to return to its average !

I need help with this

What strategy are you currently using @Molly141? :slight_smile: