How To Use my Old PC as home made forex VPS?


Good Day.

Let me get straight to the point.

I have a core2duo E8400 Dell Precision T3400 tower sitting idle. Got it from a pawnshop.
Now I’m thinking of using it as My Forex VPS.

I have good Network connection. Ping to ICMARKET & FXTM is around 80~100ms.

Unfortunately I have no cable connection rather connected to my wireless broadband.

Electric usage or outage is not an issue.

So I would appreciate greatly if any kind soul could help me by guiding me how to setup my OS & stuff.

I already running Win 10 v1803

Mumit :innocent:

The whole point of a VPS is for faster connection speed and an always on connection. But if neither is a problem, you probably don’t need a VPS.

So, in this case I guess just plug the computer in and turn it on. Unless you are running EAs you should not really need a VPS.

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What @Coffeeshop said.
Using a VPS is primarily for ensuring you have a faster connection and execution. If your home’s internet speed is sub par using another PC at the same location will, probably, not help.
On the other hand - some brokers give out free VPS to their clients. Have seen it it mentioned but can’t think of one off the top of my head.
So, yeah…

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using a VPS is to garuantee uptime. i wouldnt say that if your using wifi. if you run an Ea it could cause you a problem