How to use the Forums: Overview of features in the Sidebar and more!

The recent Forums update brought about some major visual changes to the Forums. The most apparent change was the addition of the new sidebar on the left side of the page. We want to take a little more time to explain some of the new items within the sidebar, as well as show you a few examples of the possibilities that now exist.

Primary Menu


  • Topics brings you to the latest posts on your forum.
  • My Posts will allow you to see the posts you have written.
  • Clicking on More will expand the details, and you can access more functions related to Users, Badges, our FAQ and About pages.
  • Users takes you to the leaderboard for the users on your forum, which can be filtered by some length of time (Year, Quarter, Month, Week, etc.)
  • Badges will take you to a gallery of badges you can earn as a member
  • FAQ will take you to a list of sitewide FAQs and basic trading terminology
  • About takes you to a list of our Admins, site guidelines, our terms of service and our privacy policy

Customizable Categories

We have a ton of categories, some of which you may not find as beneficial as others. With the upgrade, you can either let our system display the 5 most active categories (which change dynamically), or you can personalize the categories that you see.

We will show just the 5 most active categories by default.

Easily switch back to the default 5 most active categories by clicking Deselect All.

Custom Sections and Personal Links

The sidebar can be updated with your own, custom sections and links to other pages within, like the Economic Calendar, or a the School of Pipsology lesson on Japanese candlesticks including a cheat sheet.

Personal Links

You also have the power to add whatever external websites you like to personalize your sidebar experience.

You can also add a custom section with links to the Categories, Unread , New, Unread, Latest and Bookmarks views for quicker navigation when moving away from a post page.

Forum views added to the sidebar.

Your options are endless!


Get to your messages quicker, right from the left side of the screen, instead of having to go to your profile (you must be Trust Level 1/ basic user or higher to see this option)


Hide the sidebar

If you’d rather see less while using the Forums, you can always hide the sidebar completely by using the hamburger icon in the top left corner.

Get back to the Forums homepage with a single click

Save some mouse clicks and get back to the Forums homepage by clicking the website logo.

Power Users - keyboard shortcuts

Not a new feature, but for our keyboard warriors, have a look at the keyboard shortcuts that will have your productivity explode! Give them a try.

From the sidebar, click on the keyboard icon.
keyboard shortcuts

List of shortcuts

We hope the changes help you use the site in a more productive way!

More how-tos to come!