How to work hard?

I have finished forex school.
Now I want to make forex as job.
How do I improve as a trader?
demo account?
People say its hard work, but what is the hard work? Can you be more specific about what is the hard work?

First of all, congratulations on finishing our School! You’re on the right track if you’ve already opened a demo account and are starting to test your strategy. The hard work comes in recording your results and trading decisions diligently and making adjustments along the way. It’s easier said than done, believe me. Deliberate practice and proper risk management are two other important things you absolutely need to conduct while trying to maintain consistent profitability. Good luck!

Congrats! But there’s always more to learn. Read books on subjects that you feel weak, improve, become versatile in all the strategies you use. And have patience. If you want to be full-time trader it’ll take some time.

It is a good thing you have finished the forex school so now you need to start trading. First of all you need to create your trading strategy and test it. That will be the hard work for you. In the best case scenario you will need at least two years to create a profitable trading strategy. This means two years of trading, steering on the computer’s screen, making mistakes and learning from them. Moreover, the trading education never stops which means; despite you finished you forex school there is always more to be learned.

Have you finished the whole school?
Hard work is actually finishing the school, reading the threads here, developing a strategy and trading plan, testing it, journaling it, tweaking it, etc, but you’ll already be aware of this if you’ve finished the school.

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Congratulations! I’m still struggling to finish it :slight_smile: I’m still a novice, but I’m sure that a demo account would be a great idea to get the grasp. Then you can move slowly to the real one, but don’t deposit a lot of money. Test it, compare with the semo and see the difference (if any) to adjust your strategy (if you develop it on the go or if you try someone else’s).