How we can live with forex market?

how we can earn money every month with market ? if we can earn money every month we will have good life. we do not need jobs. we will become investor.

i think we can like that. but i do not see anyone in all my friend.

if you can earn money every month you can share for all ?

now i trade in liteforex.

Why would I want to share with a complete stranger? Sounds like you are promoting communism.

we must trade with good plan . i have trade with liteforex . i trade fulltime . i got a affiliate systerm in here . every month i earn 500$ with thenM . i use this money for enxpense and yrade forex to earn money . some time i lose or win . but i can live with forex market

Me, I’m sure I can make money for my live in forex…
BUT, I need huge deposit. So, i can get small pips and huge profit in each trade…

It’s all about good money management and strict discipline in order to grow your starting balance.

I’ve seen a thread that says if we were about to average 5% return a month for 4 years, we’d turn something like $2000 to $140,000. However, I might have it wrong - don’t quote me on that.

The power of compounding is useful if you use it correctly.

i have a plan now . i can get 30% per months with forex market. and my expense is 500$ per month. so if i want to live with market i must hve balance 2000$ . i can get 600$ per months. i think it good