How You Make Money Trading Forex

In my desperate search for the winning wisdom in forex trading, I have spent fortunes in acquisition of knowledge from many experts on the trade, I have paid hundreds of dollars to purchase so many information, my library is loaded with brain of forex traders in black and white, some are very informative and helpful and few are so irrelevant, after several months of research and demo trading in various platforms I graduated from a novice to an upgraded forex trader and today I can say I have climbed up the ladder of forex trading faster than I thought I would, making good money and having lost some that has made me better forex trading coach and entrepreneur today. My greatest joy in online business is my ability to be able to help others mine the Internet wealth without stress.
To become a profitable and reliable forex resource expert and trader it�s very expensive and very costly. Most resource books and e-books on this trade are not too easy to come by. Please tell how can learn the forex trading that can make me rich.?

um…I don’t want to sound rude or anything, but you said, you’ve made alot of money, are a coach and entrepreuer and then you asked how forex trading can make you rich? It seems like a contradictory statement to me. I’m just not sure what you want. Do you want to help or do you want to help others?
Could you maybe just clarify yourself a little more. If I’m not mistaken I think you posted this awhile back. I’m sorry I just don’t understand, could you get back to me on that one? thanks

Thanks for the information. I found very useful information in the e-book “Trading Machine” by Avi Frister. Very informative and I think best for the beginners.
Thanks again.

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Can you tell me please what is the main plan in avi frister’s ebook forex runner

If you are willing to share as i have heard mixed reviews.

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After reading those e-book, you must keep your health and keep making practice.
Follow all rules from the book,

I think the first step is to stop referring to trading as winning when you earn. In my opinion forex traders earn money while gamblers win money. It may be a small difference in mindset, but I think it can make all the difference.

Way to dig up an 8 year old thread lol

I join forex for earning purpose. Forex is very risky but profitable business when we do it with proper preparation. I will do much practice before start trading then my loss will not hurt me . I will easily manage my funds.

I am a daytrader. I use my technical analysis ( which depend on candle dynamics, local tops and bottoms. When dynamics intensify at an important technical level I except the instrument to bounce or break this level.

Do you guys realise that you’re answering a question that was asked over 7 years ago by a member who hasn’t been here since December 2007? :19:

Thank you for drawing our attention. Yes, I’ve noticed but I thought that others may have the same problem and it comes in handy that there are more answers. :57:

Its complicated, but i think its no problems because new reader will also know and we help them indirectly.

Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly, as I’ve started working with Forex recently.

I just start working with Forex (Forex Awards – Forex Rating and Broker Awards Website), so I haven’t determined strategy yet.
But what I know exactly is that you need to choose right broker: Best Forex Broker in USA 2016: Top Nominees, US Brokers Rating | Forex Awards

First thought was: on this forum a huge quantity of good traders who share for free their signals

well. many traders have the same question like you. and i think the only answer would be: practice and be patient.

Forex is the biggest and most volatile market in the world and therefore sees huge returns on investment to the traders that have the skills to succeed. Unlike the stock markets forex can not be manipulated by inside trading or by corporations having inside information on a company therefore anyone with the ability to read the technical data has a good chance of making money.

The best approach to make money day trading forex is to get some training on technical analysis. There is plenty of information available on the internet but one of the best ways and most cost effective is to join a recommended forex club.

Learnt this while trading under Alpari