Howdy Fellow Trader!

Greetins fellow internet dwellers.

Excited to be part of this community, to grow and with time help other people do the same.


Hello! Great to have you here! How long have you been trading?

Thank you!

Not long enough I’m afraid

Welcoooome! :blush: And don’t worry if you haven’t been trading long. :smiley: There’s a lot of time ahead for you to really familiarize yourself with forex. :smiley: Have you tried the school here? :blush:

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Hi Rose,

Thank you for the kind words. That is exactly my plan.


Hey, nice to meet you friend. Where are you from? Are you a beginner in trading as well?

Hey Friend,

I’m from Europe, and I am as well a begginer on this endeavours.


Welcome to the community!