HVF - does anyone use this

Hi guys,

I’ve searched a lot, and I can’t seem to find any info on one Francis Hunt and his HVF system. (search youtube, he’s got thousands of vids there)

I’ve had some experience with it, and the results… I’m not sure what to make of. I make some great, fantastic trades, but most go horribly wrong.

Does anyone use this system/has any insight on it? The educational program cost about 5kGBP and I’m quite hesitant.

Its just a bog standard patterns system, chiefly symetrical triangles. HFV’s myfxbook has been closed, so i guess he either gave up or shut it to hide his losses.
Theres nothing special in it, youll find the BP free school more useful

I don’t know anyone who paid for the course, but I heard that his account gradually “died the death” and he removed it.

There’s about a 99% chance that anyone charging £5,000 for a “course” is making almost all his income from selling courses, not from trading.

Although it can undeniably be worth paying something for convenient access to public domain information, if it’s conveniently presented and with convenient examples provided, we all have to decide for ourselves whether it can be worth paying £5,000.

My own opinion is that there are plenty of very good trading textbooks available for 1% of that price (or less) which - unlike those “courses” - are all peer-reviewed, professionally edited, quality controlled, independently verified and so on, before they ever see the light of day.

Here’s a list of the ones that were most helpful in equipping me with the knowledge, information and understanding I needed in order to trade profitably.

Can you name a few? :wink:

I was editing my post above to do exactly that, as you posted. :wink:

Lol! Thanks Lexys
P.S. I’ve read most of those… But I find it hard scalping the Al Brooks way; 9 points /0.9 pips of spread kinda eat away my profit :X

Yes, I can see how that might happen …

Al Brooks isn’t easy. I see many comments, from many people, in many forums, about the difficulties of applying his teaching.

At the same time, from my own earning-a-living perspective, he’s probably the second most important and helpful author whose work I’ve ever looked at.

So there’s a kind of “glaring discrepancy” there, for me, with the good Dr. Brooks, between my own experience and the comments I see made by other people.

It continues to puzzles me slightly, and I do think about it, quite a bit, and discuss it with one friend who’s in exactly the same position as me, with this issue.

I attribute it largely to a mixture of the following factors, in some (unknown and perhaps variable) proportions …

(i) Al Brooks’ books are undeniably badly edited and their contents (outstanding material though it is) are not always presented in the most convenient arrangements and with the most convenient structure for the reader;

(ii) Although - as he rightly says himself - all the material [I]is[/I] applicable to forex, paying the kind of spreads that counterparty market-maker “brokers” charge is certainly imposing an additional handicap (I had no problems at Interactive Brokers, paying a commission-per-trade instead of spread);

(iii) People quite often don’t appreciate that these aren’t really “scalping techniques”,[I] per se[/I], and it’s equally possible to trade them from slower-moving charts, with which the dealing-costs aren’t nearly so significant a factor;

(iv) The books are “heavy going” and most people need to read them all at least two or three times to get everything out of them (I think they give many people that “Very good, Mozart, but too many notes” feeling! );

(v) He doesn’t provide “a complete trading system” to copy, which many people want in preference to “education”;

I do, however, feel strongly that his books are very much [I]The Real Thing[/I] - and I’m not even sure I’d be making a living at all, without them.

I’ve actually considered using his stuff on a 15 min chart…
I saw your other book recommendations, and that is exactly what most price action does - it’s basically the same theory with different names, but people apply it to the hourly/daily chart.
Which does not make it bad, not at all.

Call me crazy, but I actually enjoyed reading his first book (the Reading Bar by Bar one). Only found it tough the first 40 pages, then kind of got used to his writing. It’s really nice how he embeds the practical application of other theories (like EW’s “legs” and fibs) and at the same time, strips the candles off their “mysterious names”

Forget what you know and look for the logic, book looks fine. I just never tried applying it…

You did well … I don’t know about you, but this isn’t my first language, and that didn’t help. :8:

Bulgarian here :smiley:

Might I ask, who the first is?

Pretty please? :47:

Still waiting for a reply from Lexy :smiley: But I think I got it, naked trading it is then

Been there done that, paid too much for what was offered in my opinion. I highly do not recommend paying for the course, if one can even call it that. The members only forum was largely useless to me and a constant revolving door of newcomers.
The majority of trades go nowhere, and I do believe I gave it a good go. In hindsight you can make any trade setup look great, which is what sucked me in in the first place. I was a sucker. Shame on me.

Thanks for sharing the experience Livestocker!

I usually prefer not to pay for any course. But I never tried such a system. My trading method is very simple. First of all I practice in my demo account. Then I tried it in my real account. Still now I am applying this. Few of them goes wrong but most of the time it gives me accurate result what I see in my demo account. Still I am a scalper.

My experience with Francis Hunt and his team: Firstly, I’m new to trading and have been approached with all these marketing persons for forex education but few can show records of progress and profitability. I signed up for his mini series, in my opinion this was helpful to learn trading discipline. After finishing this i got an email for a complementary call and this is a key thing that is stated i quote “ There’s absolutely no pressure to buy anything on this call. It’s really just a way for us to help you assess where you are and see if it would make sense to invite you to be a part of our community.” I went on to book the call thinking i would have some assessment with regards to my trading and not be pressured into buying anything.
I got an email for the meeting and joined. The first thing the person on Francis Hunt’s team showed me was two courses offered: one was $2000usd for a 6-month course and the other was $9000usd for the 12-months course. I said to myself who would pay this much but regardless whatever he has to offer must be unique and would make me a profitable trader. Most of the call the person representing Francis Hunt talked about the course, i proceeded to stop him and tell him some background to my trading as i thought i would be assessed. I got no response or feedback. I asked the person on Francis Hunt’s team to give me some backstory to his trading, he said that he started the course in 2017 and started trading the markets in 2018. I then asked him to show me some records which will give me an indication to what i may be able to achieve after finishing this course, he showed me his forex account which he said he started a month ago and was down $2000. I said to him why would i join this and you’re a trader for two years and is still not profitable. He said to me that he has other trading account but cannot access it at this time and started making excuses due to his inability to provide to me sufficient records that show profitability. He then said to me that he had to leave the call and can no longer carry this on. This is just my story i’m sharing to make you all aware of my experience. I have proof of this and you all can feel free to reply or message me get this.

Thanks for your feedback. I was actually looking into this.
But got nervous with the price. Figured same thing, if the course is that expensive, i suspect he makes a lot of his money selling the course.
In his defense, i also watch his youtube stuff, and he did call a couple things really on the dot. DXY 110.300 and a reversion after that. USD/JPY explosion. Guess I’ll stick with the youtube for now. And will buy an Al Brooks book. Thanks for the tip.
P.s. the book list page posted earlier is now defunct :frowning: