I almost quit trading

Don’t judge your EA after 5 trades :wink:

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Dear ProfessorPips,

Thank you :smiling_face:
You might be right. I am now observe and forward test it. I am afraid to put my hard earned money in it, at least for now.

Always test your strategies on demo or small live account

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Actually, holding the motivation alive for a long time in the market is difficult and especially I know it very well. To be honest, I have been with the market for long five years and still I am confused about the market. I am very much rigid and I don’t want to leave the market. So, I won’t say only risk management policy will help you survive in the market because pure market forecast plays a vital role here.

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Trading is not, right now, the solution to any of your life-problems. Not even the financial ones. Especially not the financial ones.

To learn to trade profitably requires being in a better, more stable, more peaceful, less worrying, less stressful set of circumstances than you are, at the moment.

I know it isn’t necessarily what you wanted or hoped to hear, but I’m afraid it’s true anyway. I wish you well. :slight_smile:


Dear Princess,

Welcome back… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs:

Solve your problem with your parents and husband properly. whatever it is. You can not run away from problem, you have to face it eventually. Then, you can decide what to next with your life. You ask, is it better to stick with my husband? my answer is, what is the reasons you are sticking with your husband? love? (ok, fight for him unless He is abusive or have an affair) afraid to live alone? (really??? you will meet someone better maybe in future) or you financially depends on him? (get a real job then)

Why trading? since you can not expect trading to pay your bill soon? Since you have so many talents such as language and pharmacy degree (maybe you can teach online or get a job in pharmacy industry). I believe the question is not I can not do this or that, The real question is do you want to?.

Remember, not everybody is lucky can do everything they love and make money from it. Sometimes, the jobs is sucks but you have to do it any way to pay your bill. That’s called being realistic.

I agree with S_Jane_M, Trading is like meditation. You have to clear your mind and in a stable and peaceful, calm condition in order to make a good decision when you are trading.

My advice, Solve your problem 1st now. When the dust settles and you already have a stable job to pay your bill, then you can trade with less worry.

You said, you keep losing money on demo. Educate your self then, like I do now, before demo. School of Pipsology at Babypips is the perfect way to start your education. Trading is like any other prestige jobs, if you do not have properly education about it, how can you expect to be paid properly.

Wish you good luck, Princess014… :hugs:


Dear S_Jane_M,

Wow, nice said, Jane. That’s really inspiring! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We could make a better decision only when We are in peaceful and calm condition.


I’m sorry but I don’t agree with any of you said, i think I decide myself thanks for advice.

Dear Elliotrades08,

You are indeed right. I found my self always want to close early when a trade just opened. Its all about discipline and patience (Its so damn hard!!) besides risk management.

Perhaps, I should take an extreme way to learn this, may go to a cave and meditate for a while to achieve some enlightenment like Buddha. :innocent: :innocent:

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Sir, Yes Sir!!

Ok, I will… :smiley: :smiley:

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I would say don’t lose your hope. Forex is a thorny way to traverse and many people face the same reality and I did too. So, try to follow proper risk management policy in trading to be profitable on average. Use stop loss in your range.

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Dear M.Joey,

Yes, I will follow your advice about risk management and stop loss…

Thank you for your encouragement… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m sorry to hear that, trying to focus on one strategy you trust and discipline yourself and follow the rule or the strategy and remember that trading is a business not gambling. if you want to be success you have to totally eliminate greed and make money gradually and steady.

Dear Princess014,

Ok I will. Thanks for your kind advice… :blush:

Wish you well… :wink:

Agree. Greed can be a trader’s worst enemy.

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Sorry I was saying too much, please don’t mind.

Recently I have too much problems with everything, everything is doing not well. Many fights with others and this forum keep deleting my post, really pissed me off.

When I feel better I will come back again if I want.

Take care yourself.

You can try trading and explore other options to see which one fitting you best ok. I will do this too. Hoping your success.

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Noted yours with many thanks. Its ok, none offense taken. :wink:

Wish you all the best then, Princess014. :blush: :wink:

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This week again I lost many money on demo…lol

This week graphs are very choppy most of times…I keep losing…

I checked online that every year have to pay tax as well, so frustrating…

I wonder if someone can tell me…

  1. What session graphs are not choppy, more smooth? Like Tokyo session, London, New York, which session is best for forex trading?(not crypto or stock or others)

Monday to Friday, which day is usually better?

  1. What leverage is best for beginner?

I tried 1:30 not have much profits, 1:400 or 1:500 lose too much money …

  1. I feel sick after seeing long time graph on my phone everyday and I take medicine, what things I can do to make me feel better?

  2. Which currency pairs are good for beginner?

  3. What are some strategies to prevent loss? I keep losing money…

I’m waiting for reply.
No insulting or bad comments!!

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Try using different AI chatbots (ChatGPT, Bing Co-pilot), with different prompts, they’ll give some interesting answers.