I always lose, what should I do?

@_bob, BTW I earned 80.06 pips last night with an $800 account with no great risk. Just trading a 1H 1 ATR off a 5M chart. No Scalping just let it run until TP.

How did you do and with what size account, matey.

rookie to veteran in 13 days. Thats a record.

Calm down son. Last night was Sunday. OMFG.

Guess your 6 digit broker trades weekends aye bro.

Sometimes you have to think inside the box in order to think ouside the box.

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@_bob, correction that was +80.90 PIPS, you still didn’t answer the question matey put STATS where you mouth is!
instead of pointing one finger and having three pointing back at you!
or look at the pot calling the kettle black!

are you getting the picture mate?

Oh I so love the sensitive types

BOXES bro, think beautiful BOXES

I am trading a 0.01 lot size as I as I don’t have a lot of wiggle room. But then again that’s cash management for you along with momentum trading… LOL

Peace & Tranquility,

Shall we continue here instead bro

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@_bob, sorry Bob I wasn’t trying to offend you or anyone here.
here is last night history file, hope it pasts ok I had the delete many of the columns but the just is still there. I know its not much for a night’s work but it is more than 10% of my account size. Our funds aim is to produce consistently profitable traders. I’m not quite there yet as I am still a rookie but I’m catching on.
Thanks for the word play…

ID Open Date Status Side Type Quantity Symbol Close Price Close Type Pips Profit
1900 3/26/2018 10:57 Closed Buy Market 0.01 USD/JPY 105.069 Market -3.4 -0.36
1898 3/26/2018 10:21 Closed Sell Market 0.01 EUR/GBP 0.87267 Market 2.7 0.34
1897 3/26/2018 10:13 Closed Buy Market 0.01 EUR/USD 1.24148 TakeProfit 14.9 1.45
1894 3/26/2018 9:02 Closed Buy Market 0.01 GBP/JPY 149.385 TakeProfit 23.3 2.18
1899 3/26/2018 10:22 Closed Buy Market 0.01 GBP/USD 1.42161 TakeProfit 13.4 1.30
1896 3/26/2018 10:09 Closed Buy Market 0.01 GBP/USD 1.42043 TakeProfit 6.7 0.63
1895 3/26/2018 9:23 Closed Buy Market 0.01 GBP/USD 1.41982 TakeProfit 13.2 1.28
1892 3/26/2018 8:24 Closed Buy Market 0.01 GBP/USD 1.41822 Market -3.4 -0.38
1893 3/26/2018 8:26 Closed Buy Market 0.01 EUR/USD 1.2388 Market -4.5 -0.49
1890 3/26/2018 8:11 Closed Buy Market 0.01 GBP/USD 1.41847 Market 6.6 0.62
1891 3/26/2018 8:22 Closed Buy Market 0.01 EUR/USD 1.23934 TakeProfit 5.2 0.48
1889 3/26/2018 8:10 Closed Buy Market 0.01 EUR/USD 1.23858 Market 9.5 0.91
1888 3/26/2018 8:06 Closed Buy Market 0.01 GBP/USD 1.41812 TakeProfit 11.1 1.07
1887 3/26/2018 3:19 Closed Buy Market 0.01 EUR/USD 1.23819 TakeProfit 11.5 1.11
1886 3/26/2018 2:11 Closed Buy Market 0.01 GBP/USD 1.41729 TakeProfit 12.8 1.24
1885 3/26/2018 0:40 Closed Sell Market 0.01 EUR/JPY 129.918 StopLoss -38.7 -3.73
16 tots 80.9 7.65
Avg per trade/expenctcy 5.1 1.00

Good day, guys.

Before this discussion gets any more heated, I would suggest that we all take a step back and calmly collect our thoughts. There’s nothing wrong with having opposing views, but I’m sure that we could settle this in a more civil manner.



Thanks for your input Penelopeep, you folks are quick on the draw!
My apologies, my last post has been edited,
BTW I don’t get mad, something Mark Douglas taught me, I am the best loser I know.


hi Martin
sorry for not be here on the forum
last week a little in red, but not a problem. You remember I said I started use something else? I start understand more and more now.
thank you for your guidance

Out of respect … for you taking the time to write this on the public forum.
i’ll do you the respect of breaking my rule to no longer be here and no longer respond via PM.

but this is my last comment on this site.

so in response to you

that’s ok… it’s not a problem (as you are already aware)

as for the Understanding and the Guidance
Mate… You’re Very Very Welcome and thank you as well for listening and learning.
We’ll continue this on email ok

this is my final comment on this site
i will make no others.

thank you for this public comment though, i do appreciate it (as you know)
Take Care mate
and keep going and stick with it, you’ll be right.

It’s so terrible indeed. 6 years of constant losses? I think, you need to stop trading for a while and do something else. Or switch to studying Forex.

yes, completely agree. He needs to stop trading for a short term but doesn’t quite this market place. you never got money from here within this time but of course acquired minimum knowledge and experience. it will works next time.

i am new in trading and i am thinking to trade many pairs in demo. actually, i think this approach will help me to increase my trading performance very rapidly.

@daddy22, what cash management system are you using? do you know your win-loss ratio? what is you expectancy? If you can answer those simple trader questions you can turn it around shortly. if you can’t it is time to learn how.

I request and suggest not try this approach , at the same time trading so many pairs is not good decision for beginners due to lack of exact knowledge. it can make you get rid.

Sir, i got the point you have. i am not taking this steps in real account which can fall me a great trouble. i will do this experience in demo where there is no risk and real money.

Its okay , you can take this steps , no risk in here. Good luck

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welcome Sir. hope always will get real trading suggestion.

@julianforex, I have replied to this thread previously and have raised a heated response from one trader. I was going to put this post in my into but couldn’t find it…

However I think this should provide some inspiration to a few trades. The principles I mentioned below are alive, real and working. I am just one of thousands of Fund traders that have walked down the yellow brick road before me to learn the rules of trading and most of all I know I have a long way to go.

Yesterday evening I became a funded trader utilizing the Funds money at no risk to myself! I get paid to trade. I mean how great is that! I finally after many years get to do what I love to do and get paid for it.

I have been Forex learning since January of 2017 so basically 16 months of which I took 6 months off… and just about 10,000 trades in a sandbox! It’s just now the start of being funded with live money! But my point is it is a start and the cost was less than a night out once per month.

What has the fund taught me? How to be consistently profitable, what more can a trader ask for. Isn’t that what it’s all about. The bottom line is green consistently.

How was this accomplished?
“I have discovered and have such a long way to go that the momentum of price action is lord and its disciples are price and time cycles with the guiding principle of Shawn’s Apiary Benjamin Formular!”

I’m not advertising in that statement, just stating a fact.

Anyway I am so blessed to be able to say that I have been funded. I believe it is quite an honor!

I think that this video on Youtube says it all. I do hope this isn’t censored as I am not selling anything and have nothing to going by posting this video.

Thank you,


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