I am a beginner looking for Nice material on fibonacci and pivot point techniques

Hi colleagues, I am beginning to learn forex and in the process I seem to be more interested in understanding the use of fibonacci and pivot points. Can somebody refer me to a very comprehensive and latest material on these items? I read about them in the School of Pipsology but I need another source.


Hi, I read a blog called Trader’s Bulletin which has some good stuff on pivot points (hardly comprehensive, but more detail than you’ll find on babypips school).

Elliot wave principle by robert prechter seems to be the way to go, i don’t know if you’re serious about elliot wave analysis but Prechter sure has done a lot of study on Fibonacci sequences…

Read through these also search on their site for more articles.

Fibonacci And The Golden Ratio

Using Pivot Points For Predictions

Other places to google are ‘stockcharts’

See Inner Circle Trader’s many vidoes detailing use of fibs & pivots.

Forex Pivot Points | DailyFX
Fibonacci Trading

I hope, it may help you.

Good luck on your adventure!

You can start with the book Fibonacci Trading by Carolyn Boroden.