I am a newbie at trading

My name is Kevin Cox, and I’m a Student learning a hand on skill.
I am 19 years old. Yeah, I know I’m quite young but I like to dream big and this is one of them.

I like to play games and watch anime in my spare time.

Would love it if I could find a friend or two to grow and learn this skill with.

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Welcome aboard this great education site. Take it easy, one step at a time… See if FX trading suits you and your lifestyle - but remember this market is not a game, but a business for those willing to put in the hard work.

Here is a link to a plan. TIPS On How To Create The PERFECT Forex Trading Plan - YouTube

Best of luck.

Lots of younger ones joining lately. Welcome Kevin. Wish I had learnt at your age

Welcome I could b a friend I’m also a newbie

Hi Kevin! I don’t think it’s a bad thing that you’re starting young because you’ll be able to make more money in your lifetime and will have more time to gain experience since you’re getting an early start. I joined in my twenties. Wishing you luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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Hi Kevin,
Welcome to Babypips,

I like to play games too. I used to play Runescape with my two sons and brought some learnings in that game related to “price discovery” in my Forex and Crypto pursuits that have been profitable.

This is a bit of a distraction from the main topic of this forum (Forex) but in a broader sense many members include, in addition to “Foreign Exchange” topics where similar skill sets learned in Forex can be ported to Indices, Commodities, Crypto, Metals etc.

So on the diverted subject of gaming, please read this linked thread.

I think you will find it both fascinating “certain nationals in AsiaPac quit their jobs because they were earning more money playing games than in highly educated jobs”. This is unlikely to last too long, but you will learn a lot about trading by addressing these “games” and trying to understand their basic reasons to exist, and their Vision of the future (whether that benefits only the early adopters - and some admit they are mere ponzi schemes) or whether they can create a sustainable environment (like Sandbox or Decentraland).

My own favourite is DeFi Kingdoms, which I have “played” since 19Nov21, and has recently had a pretty hard time that has taught me the full meaning of “impermanent loss”. I have to say, though, that due to game activity, though the headline loss of the game’s core token “the Jewel” is down about 80%, our overall investment is down about 20%, and I now earn income equivalent to about 12% per month of the underlying value of the income earning NFT assets derived from Jewel - the game Heroes. A bit complicated for your average Forex trader, but for anyone with serious gaming experience it will make total sense. Just be careful out there and only participate with money you are prepared to lose.