Axie Infinity is getting more and more popular in the Philippines

Hmmm. :thinking: Recently, I’ve heard some of my friends talk about this. Apparently, you can earn money through playing this game. You take care of pets or something and you sell them to earn money. :open_mouth: Have you heard of this before? I’ve seen this a lot on Tiktok and YT too. :thinking: What do you think about it?

Looks expensive. Have you checked out the marketplace?

Definitely expensive now! :open_mouth: But I remember one of my friends told us about it in May when it was still cheap but we didn’t really pay any attention. :sob:

While most cryptos are down, AXS has reached all time high, jumping to $21.55 :open_mouth:

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That’s crazy. But also it’s probably one of the few cryptocurrencies I’ve seen that’s actually changing people’s lives, like those who need it!

OMG. :open_mouth: Interesting! Too bad I feel like it’s already too high for me to get in. :sob: But, are you currently trading or playing this? :smiley:

Yeah! :blush: I think as long as they’re being able to use it to improve their lives. :blush: It also kinda reminds me of Crypto Kitties? :thinking: I think there’s another one with pets called My Defi Pet.

Nope. Too expensive to build a team.

I don’t think Crypto Kitties involved towns of actual people playing/benefitting from it though. I actually don’t know who still trades those kitties lol

Yes, I have heard about this game from one of my friends. He told me that the game was quite a popular one.

Ikr! :sob: I wish I got in sooner so that I could’ve bought some at a much cheaper price though. :sweat: Do you know anyone who plays this? :smiley:

Hahaha! :joy: Yeah same. I doubt there are still people trading it. Last time I heard someone else mention it was when a friend was struggling to sell her last weird-looking kitty. :joy:

Ooooh. :open_mouth: Does your friend play it? Or is it just something they’ve been curious about? :open_mouth:

Just an update. Haha. :smiley: So I found out that one of my friends who has been playing this for a while now, just recently bought a car. :open_mouth: Good for her!