I am cautious - but interested in a FOREX course by Andy Sherman

Hi Guys,

After nearly getting my fingers burnt ! I am now investigating a course in London by Andy Sherman, FXMM. For £2000 pounds are offering a 2 day course, software, access to the trading floor for a year etc.

In terms of my own learning, I learn much better through doing, and seeing, rather than book learning.

I am not going to jump in this time, I would like some feedback first !

Hope to hear from you


Sorry, I don’t know Andy Sherman…but for what it’s worth, I do know this guy: Forex Price Action Trading Course with Johnathon Fox | Forex School

$287 life membership, totally more than worth it. No spoon-feeding, just proper coaching and mentoring ( + a solid Price Action method )


PS: I do not get commission or anything of the sort, just a satisfied member :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how much you checked this person out, but here’s some opinions.


Let me add I have paid for a couple of forex courses when I first started. But only after researching a lot of free stuff first. For example, I took one of the price action courses that I found here. I took the course not so much to learn price action as I did to have access to the courses founder’s forum on his website. But there was just a ton of free stuff video’s articles. I used what I got from the free stuff to help me decide if I wanted to go further.

IMO, based on doing a lot of research on almost every aspect of trading, this is what I learned.

  1. There is absolutely nothing: course, coach, mentor, forum or free or paid for info, that will teach you in 2 days how to trade in the forex and be successful. You want to make sure what happens after the course. Again my own case. I paid for 2 courses when I first started out. I have life time access to the courses founders and their live trading rooms. Both were under $500.
  2. Before you pay for anything or anyone’s: courses, books, seminars, webinars, coaches, mentors or anthing to do with forex, research all the free stuff 1st. When you cut through all the bull sheet that’s available, to be successful not only in the forex, but in anything, you have to have a plan, based on your money situation and goals, then work your plan showing patience and discipline. But before you can do any of that, you need to be able to make good decisions. People are successful or fail based on the decisions they make. To make good decisions you need to look at all the relivent facts and options so you can choose the least of the evils. Again using me. when I first started the fact that one crew offering me lifetime access to them and their trading room was a big deal. It’s was going to cost only $125 a month. I will guarantee to you that everybody who reads that sentence that has more than 30 days of trading under their belt is rolling around on the ground laughing. Thankfully I did some research before I bought and found their are tons of brokers and even traders who will give you access to their live training rooms for free. Make your decisions on whether or not to spend any money on anything by having enough factions, options and evils to help you make a better decision. And before I forget that goes for the traders who are going to tell you never pay for anything. In my opinion that advice is as bad as someone telling you to pay for something before you have gathered some factions, know your options and picking the least of the evils.

Because of my background, current situation and state of mind, I’m a trader who can handle pressure, and I don’t mind taking a little extra risk when it is called for. My trading leads more toward scalping and daytrading. But their lots of other traders out there will tell you scalping is nuts not profitable bla bla bla. My decisions are based on my facts, options and evils and hopefully what they are telling you is based on theirs and not someone else’s
Hope this helps and Good Luck

Very good guideline Gp! Every newbie should read it…
I wish to post this link for new members…


Thanks guys. I am still thinking about this. I definatly learn through doing, and preferably with others as well, which is one of the reasons I am tempted by the course. I looked at the links given, and they are very mixed views. I am continuing to look at the free information, and am trying to build up my knowledge. Cheers, I will keep you posted.