I am expert of candlestick chart patteren

Hi guys,
I will be happy to teach you about candlestick chart pattern, how to read chart? what does mean by these candles? what will be next move in market? First you should know the chart pattern in forex trading. There are two kinds of chart pattern : one is tick chart and second is candlestick charts.

Hey there, If you want to help anyone with trading you might want to first compile all your data and then post it here:

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We already have it all here in our Pipschool, but thank you all the same :slight_smile:


Hello Waseem.

I wait for you to light the path ahead. Thank you. G

what moves candlestick

More buyers than sellers pushes price up. Buyers willing to pay higher prices than current price pushes prices up.

The bggest buyers are the multi-national banks and funds who are actually buying and selling currency. which isomething most private retail traders are not doing - we are just betting on the exchange rates, not buying and selling money. But it looks like we are buying and selling and that’s what the industry wants us to believe so that they can avoid using words like betting, speculating, gambling etc.

Education section at the very top of the page. Give it a read. “Learn Forex”. It explains a lot. It explains your question too.

Please try to explain how to take decision based on market candlesticks because we find different shapes of candlesticks on the platform.

what are the chances of his answering, @MithcelRobert , given that his most recent post here was more than 8 years ago? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

He could be on vacation.

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Maybe the chart pattern expert went to find a dictionary to learn how to spell “patteren” correctly.

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