I am here to introduce

Hi there,
i am here to know more about Forex trading. My name is Mandar and very much interested in earning good income , creating wealth by Forex trading. My friend Fedrick recomended about this site.

most welcome Mandar in this community , this forum is full of education , i hope you will bring knowledge from this place , have a very good trading journey

there is no way to ignore learning , agree but besides learning it is more appropriate to trade in a practice account. happy trading

you should thank your friend , because he gave you a exact educational site in online from all. have a knowledgeable journey from there.

as a beginner trader you can start with psychology of school including a practice account in demo , this is a very perfect combination for the traders who are beginners actually.

i have seen beginners start with their trading by the support of psychology of school but they always never interested to trade in a demo account. this is a very bad practice.

Hi Mandar, it’s nice to meet you!

Hi! Your friend recommended you to the right source to learn trading. Make the best of this place. I have learned a lot from here. All the best!