I am here to sell

hi guys ,

i am just curious , for how many years do you usually do back test on your strategy before you put it in action

as I’ve done back testing over 26 years manually with out any lose . is it sufficient ?

your contribution is highly appreciated !

Its too long.


Forgive my being blunt here but I’m on a roll today:

Either you’re talking ■■■■ or you’re trying to flog something (probably both).

If you’re THAT good: then you don’t even have to be ASKING the question because you’d know the answer.

Here. Call the number below. For sure they’ll be interested.

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Oh my. :open_mouth: I’m no expert but 26 years is too looooong. :confounded: For me, it’s really just once you see you’re consistently profitable with it. :confused:

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I guess every trade in 26 years can be a winner - if your holding period is 27 years.


You sure do crack me up most times!!! LOL!!!

Never thought of that.

See. THIS is why I can only trade mechanical systems. I just don’t have the IQ or intelligence to be able to see the bigger picture!!! Never been good at riddles and things.


first of all appreciate the fact that you dedicate some time to reply .
after 9 years of persistent trading in Forex market i believe i am asking this question in specific reason which to take a dissension between either apply the new Technic on demo account or live account. as if any one had the same experience before doing back test over long period of time and came up with loss .
while you are that interested you can check the worst version of my strategy applied on live account which is before doing all this huge work

I took a trade 26 years ago that I just closed today in profit!!

If anyone wants tips from a profitable trader with 26 years of experience in the market and zero losses. Here I am!!!


Hello @shadi_salloum

Just playing devils advocate here for the sake of discussion.

What exactly is your definition of a winner?

The reason I ask is because there are a countless number of losing trades that ive experienced that would have been winners had I had the benefit of hindsight and closed the trade out while the position was in profit.

If I was backtesting my strategy and labeled every trade Ive ever made a winner if that trade was in profit at some point my win% would be thru the roof.

Managing a winning trade is by far the most difficult part of live trading as far as im concerned. Managing a potential trade while backtesting is much easier.


hello PanchoVilla84

i meant by (no loss) as a result based on my trading system , no one will ever trade this market or every thing in life and come out with 100% profits . i thought that this blog is full of pros but it turned out that 90% of them is no more than amateurs, and don’t get me wrong this is not pointed on you.

appreciate your participation !

Hi Dear

have you read your comment after you finish it !!
what value you have added my friend ? you have just wasted your time on something beyond you.
my advice to you is just watch and learn it’s to early for you to start contributing in this field.
finally don’t get me wrong i am not angry with you as i understand that this is your limits !
take care

Do you have a link to the best version?
The version above shows 31% losses

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So you start by making a fantastically optimistic claim - “I’ve done back testing over 26 years manually with out any lose”

You do not support your claim with any evidence or any information regarding your strategy.

Then you say that what you claimed cannot be done - “no one will ever trade this market or every thing in life and come out with 100% profits”

Finally you choose to insult the sceptical and experienced traders on the site who questioned your claim, asked for more information and expressed doubts that it was possible.

You might be a red-hot trader but that doesn’t stop you being an egotist who says idiotic things on a forum.



The POS is trying to flog something. That’s all. Nobody joins a forum and their opener for ten is a post like that. And the title was by design.

As some will know: I got NO problem anymore with people trying to flog things. It’s buyer beware. And there will always be some arsehole that falls for ■■■■. And none of us are going to stop that. But it’s this “backdoor marketing” that gets under my skin.

And in this particular case: dude needs to go on a marketing course or something. I saw three trading systems over there and two of them looked like total wipe outs.


And he calls the one he actually advertises “the worst version” of his strategy :joy:

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The thread title has changed but that was unnecessary: the agenda was not exactly impossible to find.

But as a sales/marketing initiative, as has been said above, this is terrible.

Impossible claim. Lack of evidence. Impossible claim withdrawn. Influencers and potential customers insulted. Egotism all over the OP’s posts.

Stick to trading. Stop posting here. Forget selling.


He is here to sell!! :joy::rofl:

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See: that I can respect (he changed the title after our earlier comments).

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Who would personally wait for something like 26 years old unless it’s payment for the house or some serious business real tangible asset invesment out there. I do not see anything being done in that case. I put mine immediately LOL. Forex was 26 years ago - also true.