I am new and I am so excited to be here!

Hello Guys. I am new and I feel excited to be a part of the forex community. I want to have my financial freedom and I believe with the information made available here, it will guide me to the level I want to get to as a trader. I will be excited to make some friends and meet some mentors around.

Unless you treat FX trading as a new business venture, which means months of hard work, followed by years of constant improvement, your goal would remain just a goal. That’s the reality.

welcome to the babypips trading community!

it took me a while to get my bearings and to focus on the forex. I originally was invested into a forex fund that guaranteed a 22% gain each quarter, but that isnt really my thing… i like the excitement of trading and i like the rewarding feeling of having done something that i have always dreamed of doing.

This game is not that terribly difficult… just pick one or two or maybe three of the indicators that are supplied with your terminal and get them adjusted and let it do it’s thing.

it is very reasonable to pull 60% per year from trading the forex.


Thank you my friend. unfortunately I blew my account today…:pensive:. I feel sad but we never give up. I was trading gold. what trades would you recommend for a beginner?

hello julesnk,

this business of trading is not for everyone…

this business of trading will bankrupt thousands of people each and every day of the year.

dont be one of those people.

you should understand that a very few people actually are talented naturally to trade manually…

you should also recognize that many of the people in these forums are pure scam artists and their intent is to prey on you.

walk softly and carry a big stick.


seriously, if you have any real questions, just ask and i will do my best to answer you.