I am ready to help anyone

Hi All,
I am Karthik from India. I have been trading currency for the past 5 years and i run my own blog at blogspot with calls , advice etc and i love to help others. Those who feel that they need help or need advice or something, let me know. My gmail id is kartram.77 and my yahoo id is ns_karthik. Skype id is ns_karthik as well.

So feel free to message or mail me (mail me only at gmail) and i would be glad to help anyone who needs help. I am sure many of you do. I will try and share whatever little knowledge that i have gained over the past 5 years.


How successful are you at trading? How many earned pips to you average per week?

I need help…can i make money at this,i hate my job
i have access to 10,000 cash…i am starting a 19.99 class at FXCM
on mondey…ready to go, very eagar…been on babypips., forexdiamonds etc

need nowlege,i took the red pill and there is no turning back


I need help…i don;t want to pay alot of money with these scam courses to
learn…can you give me direction…i have 5000 usd TO START


Hi All,
Am i successful at this? Well, if i aint, i would not be posting in here saying that i am willing to help. I average around 150 pips a week. Those who have seen my blog on jpy crosses can see some of the trades that i have taken.

Its just that i love to teach and hence would like to mentor people. Its very surprising indeed that here i am, offering to help, and i get interviewed like this and there out there, so many scamsters, who do not understand anything abt the business of forex, get paid to mentor.

Anyway, i understand. So if anyone needs help or mentorship, pls feel free to mail me.


lemme know if u really need help or mentorship…just send me a mail or u can catch me on yahoo…

Karthik, how do I reach you ??
any contact on MSN messenger, skype ??


Yea i need help, trying to understand, i monitor my email alot more
please let me know… anything would be great to get me started, currently
on day one of my FXCM class, sounds confusing , not sure if this class is helping or hurting me…my email <mnuttall67@bellsouth.net>

my skype and yahoo messenger id is ns_karthik…

arent u the one who gives trading signals over chat? My friend is a member of your service and he used to tell me a lot about you. How you could predict that something would happen and the same would happen within an hour…he has been with you for 3 mnths and says u are great…i have just started out learning abt forex and thats why i joined in babypips today…i never thought i would find you in here…

i found you out thru your contact details…i am very glad to meet you in here…will follow all your posts in here…pls do keep posting…

Hi ns_karthik I am new here and I think what you are offering is very good… I started trading while ago but it wasn’t very successful� can I add you to my yahoo list so we can chat some time.

sure fxrainmaker…my yahoo id is ns_karthik…u can contact me anytime…not a prob…

I tryed to skype you last night buy I didnt know what region you are in so I couldnt find you. However I did a post on calling all ellioteers, where I put up a chart with what I think are the way to plot the waves. Tell me what you think.

i am from india and my skype and messenger id is ns_karthik…i have answered ur query on the elliott waves…pls have a look…

you are right …i am indeed the person that u r referring to…and thanks for getting in touch…lemme know if and when u need any help…