I am writing a paper


My name is Cristi, i started trading 2 years ago, first with stocks and now i switched to forex. I am a student and right now i have to write my end of the study paper.
I’ve decided to write about how online trading changes the trader personality.

I’ve made a Google form and if you could fill it, it would mean a lot to me.

Thank you, and may the holy pip be with you.



I checked the form. As a beginner I can’t understand most of the portion of it.

If I can manage the answers, I will fill it up. And this is also very long form.


Thank you, i really appreciate


Thank you for sharing your work with us. Certainly it is going to be valuable contribution to theory of Forex market. However, I don’t think that traders personality changes over time, as gene for trading has always been with traders, it has only been activated when they discovered Forex

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Thanks for the details.

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nice work, dude

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thanks for the details.

Good luck with your paper @Cristimes and welcome to the world of forex.

good, thx :wink:

That is such a nice way of merging your studies with forex. Keep up the good work. All the best to you.

Thanks for details

Cristi thanks so much!