I believe that my analysis is missing something. Could you help me?

Hello! I am studyng many and many hours per day and I am making mistakes in the analyse before buy the stock. I believe that my analyse is missing something. Could you help me?
I analyse:
1- Trend
2-Support and resistance
3- Tops and bottoms
4- Pattern

Thank you


you can add risk/reward to the list

Years of screentime

Look at your “mistakes”. Are they really mistakes which you made? Or is it just that the market took the less probable route after your entry?

What mistakes specifically do you see?

Stock volume
Forex currency strength meter

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Focus on your mistakes, @Rogerpes! Try to analyze what happened previously, what were the mistakes there and how to not repeat them in the future!

Try considering the drivers, indexes and time of the trades

Then what’s your major Price Action or anything else?

Multiple time-frame analysis boosted my performance significantly-no more entry just because i got the signal from only one time frame,but you have to adjust it to your strategy

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I’m glad you realized that. It’s extremely important to do a top down analysis on a pair, starting from the higher time frames to the lowest,things start to click more in your head