I can convert your strategy to code for no charge

Hello guys, I am CoderFalco

I was start trading in 5 years ago and I have advance trading knowledge, also I am computer engineer too and recently I decide to develop trading tools.
I can develop your strategies and indicators to code for no charge (for now it is free)
codes are going to publish in forum after writing


Welcome to the site and I do hope you benefit from all the information here both in the forums and in the education section.
I see where you are offering to code strategies for free. Kindly check the thread called “Scalping strategy to finish the year strong” and see if you can manage that one.

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Welcoooome! :smiley: That’s an interesting proposition. :thinking: But I wonder how long it’ll be free. :thinking:

That’s really cool of you to offer to develop trading strategies and indicators for free! I’m sure traders in the community would find that super helpful.

The reason that we see these offers to write code for free is because many people know how to write code, but they have no idea what to write…

I see these threads in all major trading forums, lol.

The following video might help you to find a strategy.

Have you built any indicators on Tradingview? The community there has plenty of demand for your free services too.

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Hello dear “THE_GOATE”
I have few questions about your job.
where code must use PSAR ?
what exactly code you want to do when White crosses both greens
do you want indicator or you want EA ?

Hello hope you to have a grate time
it is free now , you can order your strategy or indicator , after code writing it is going to publish in forum

Thank you very much

thank you very much for video
actually I don’t need strategy , I want to work in developing trading applications and this kind of coding (free jobs) is base for my future ideas to make money from coding


But I’m not sure you can convert many professional traders strategy into code, unless of course your working on creating free thinking artificial intelligence that can mimic someone’s decision making.

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Hello , I hope you have grate time
actually ai trading bots are creating new strategy types , but I am coding peoples ideas

Hello , I hope you to have a grate time
usually trading view applications need much time to code that’s why they I can’t code them for free

I cannot help you with your first two questions as I was not the person who developed the strategy. I am only an onlooker making a suggestion so you would have to ask the original poster (OP).
I would prefer an EA, not an indicator.

@THE_GOATE He/She has Advanced Trading Knowledge… So they should be able to take one look at American Traders Charts and formulate the strategy being used… I can!

@ayeshacurry So they can get you to give them your painstakingly built strategies… For FREE…

As far as programming goes coding Trading logic is simple… Roughly 20 lines of code for the standard MA Crossover… Maybe 120 lines of code for Multiple Indicator driven strategies or even a simple enough Random Walk Algorithmic EA…

I know… I code my own Algorithm’s, many displayed in these threads…

Most traders will only want their best strategy automated… And they’ll pick and choose which ones they code… Yours if you’re lucky… But… They are free to do with your code and your strategy as they please…

They may receive 100’s of trading idea’s from unsuspecting traders. You might have put in 100’s of hour’s developing and testing a great strategy and you hand it over without an NDA in sight…

It’s Profitable trading concepts that are hard to build…


the syntax is simple but the logic is something that trips up PhD’s.

For practical purposes, this is the most difficult math problem anywhere…

Btw, offering to write bots for free is a bait and switch scam… you only actually write code for the client that steps up and offers to pay you.

I am a veteran coder.

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Okay let’s say you’re designing this Arbitrage thing and pair a can only go up and pair B can go up or down and pear C can go up or down but I don’t really want to trade pair a because I’m a retard.

I don’t mind wasting a lot of time on a project


And then I keep seeing this other number in my calculations that keeps oscillating around zero and do you know what I do I just sit here and stare at it and I haven’t traded it yet because again I’m retarded.

Hey, I have an indicator that I don’t have the coding availability to do. I would appreciate it if you could do it on MQL5.
Basically, the indicator is the Hull Moving Average. The trick is to standardize the scale to that of the MACD indicator and use it on a different window. For example, my current MACD has a fixed scale from -1 to 1.
Let me know if you have any questions.

hi , thanks for offer , i have an indicator , i just want to automate the entry when indicator create rectangles , would you please do that for me ?