I cracked the code!

EUR nzd sell

Up 73 pips on eur nzd sell :clap:

Buy nzd cad

Buy gold and silver

Take profit with nasdaq 100

NZD cad buy tp 0.81279 73 pips away
And those that are still holding eur nzd sell
Tp 1.81449 100 pips away

Sell usd chf

Sell Aud cad tp 0.86904 28.6 pips

GBP jpy sell

GBP jpy tp 183.893

96.1 pips

Cad chf buy

Sell Aud nzd

Sell Aud cad

Are you executing also these positions for yourself?

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Yes and getting better every day

I hope for your own good brother, but I don’t believe you.
I hope also nobody follows your signals or prayers, frankly, I don’t know what are they.
Signals to assist people to be billionaires or prayers because you opened the position the market to go on your favour.
I don’t want to disappoint you but have in the back of your mind, definitely, I say again, definitely you didn’t crack any code.
I was curious and I checked what times you are writing this buy/sell whatever.
You are opening positions counter-trending and most of them are during the Asia session aka the Liquidity session.
I highly suggest no body follow him with real funds.
I hope the best for you and your trading, be safe.


i follow his trades.

Thanks harry

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Thanks for the signals buddy. I followed your signals and it has made me become a billionaire overnight. Hahaha!

Joking. Sorry.

Ha ha stay on gbp usd sell :+1: