I cracked the code!

EUR usd long term sell

NZD chf long term sell

I’m not sure that the forums are somewhere for you to give your signals. No one here will follow someone else’s signals, as in the main part we understand risk management.

Perhaps just tell us a trade you’re doing and then tell us how it went.

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Ok thanks

Trade went well

NZD chf down
EUR usd only up a bit

Both are long term sells

300 pips each

Cad chf sell tp 380 pips sl 38 pips

Usd chf buy tp 380 pips sl 38 pips
NZD usd sell tp 380 pips sl 38 pips
NZD chf sell tp 380 pips sl 38 pips
Aud usd sell tp 380 pips sl 38 pips

Gold sell tp 380 pips sl 38 pips

Why do you keep sending signals??? Honestly I really don’t think anyone will copy any of them.

As I said before no one on this forum is silly enough to follow other people’s signals as that breaks every rule of risk management. Secondly, you’re not given any context to why you’ve come up with these signals, where’s your analysis and explanations etc.

As I also suggested before, why don’t you share the trades you’ve done and outcome of how the trade went and an explanation as to why you think it was a win or loss. That would be much more helpful.


Had a loss yesterday re frefined today

GBP Aud buy
GBP chf buy
Cad chf buy

What was the loss?

Are you able to give us a break down and what you think went wrong?

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Signals without details of the strategy are like race horse tips. You might as well post “£50 to win on Fast Pony in the 3:10 at Newmarket” - nobody above the age of 15 is going to take any notice.

It would be very interesting to read details of the strategy in use.


In profit today

Buy gbp cad and gbp Aud to the moon :crescent_moon:

Yes I had to adjust a few parameters, working like a charm now

GBP Aud buy
GBP cad buy




Give it up @Pauley1 mate, you’re only going to hurt yourself…


Agreed! Can’t say I didn’t try.


In profit with gbp cad and gbp Aud :+1::wave:

Putting your account on myfxbook.com will at least allow people to see the proof you are posting here without giving details about your system

Pretty sure this is fishing for payments via pm. There was one guy who asked about signals and how to follow. I don’t get why else these threads exist

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My system is very complex years in the making all I can say is it combines everything technical
And it’s working well :blush: