I dont know what im doing!

No need to worry.

Just calm down and educate your self with basic knowledge regarding forex market from here @ Learn How to Trade the Markets

Choose one of the best forex broker and start with demo trading account :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You ask a lot of questions but you never answer any pertinent questions! I asked if you had evidence to back up your ridiculous statement. Care to answer that?

I’ll ask you another question: Are you a successful trader? If so, why don’t you share your strategies with us and provide us with the education that you think we need?

Thanks for the support guys , some people are just nasty but if it makes them feel better, I don’t teach and certainly don’t sell anything , I like helping as makes me productive during the day as trading is my job and where my income comes from so fail to see how I am tarred with the same brush as some of the scammers that charge a fortune to tell you basic stuff.

As I say a lot the charts are easy its the mind game and how they are read what makes the game hard, there is no magic pill , control fear greed , keep it simple and you will profit

Anyway , again thank you for the support and will help if I can

I asked you 3 times for evidence that there are sucesfull traders teaching online, you have failed 3 times to give evidence,
You are the one thats saying that my statements are ridiculous, but yet have failed 3 times to show me that i am wrong.
So you either prove me wrong or shut your mouth and let me have my opinion.
I am not a sucessfull trader and i dont pretend to be one.

You made the statement. You show me the evidence.

You are not a successful trader and yet you claim to know which of us are not successful and whose strategy is good and whose is not!

Do you even hear yourself? I’ll venture to provide an opinion of my own now - Given your irrational logic and attitude you will never become a successful trader!

You are irrelevant to me. I do not wish to waste my time with the likes of you anymore. Talk to the hand!

Its the 4 time you fail to show me how my statement is ridiculous. And you are failing because you have never seen a sucesfull trader teaching online and you cant prove that there is one, wich makes my statement very plausible. If i tell you that no one can run at 100 kmh per hour, wil you say then prove it? Do you want me to list every one on the planet and say mike cant run at 100km, Peter cant run at 100kmh, John cant run at 100 kmh… do you get the point? If you are sure that i am wrong you will say George can run at 100kmh, and because of George you are wrong. If you are going to demand evidence from anyone you should be ready to provide some evidence yourself, or you will only make yourself look like an idiot.

I agree with you on this (though some will hate you). In my opinion, it is almost impossible to teach profitable forex trading techniques. As a community we can only share “real” experiences and at least pickup bits of lessons from it. :slight_smile:

First of all, try to calm down. Get up from the computer, do something else - I don’t recommend walks in the trying times we live in - but you get the gist.
Go back to the education section of Babypips, start reading and practice each new thing on a demo account. Don’t rush, take your time with every concept. It will sink in eventually.

I am just going to give you hones advice. Forex is a mind game, you have to master it if you are going to have any chance of continuing with it. You will have to learn just as you lerant those difficult math concepts in school only that there is no teacher here. Take the learning process as a veery important part of your education and you will make it.

Learning forex is not an easy task if you do not have gusts. You have to be willing to learn and accept that you need as much knowledge as you can to venture into forex. Withiut the knowledge you will be walking in blind. Keep on learning over and over again and you will get it.

Trading well is not a matter of gaining more and more and more knowledge.

Remember that not everyone knows a tomato is a fruit.

(In fact its a large berry, from the vine Solanum lycopersicum. The species originates in South America. The leaves and immature fruit contain tomatine, toxic in large quantities.)

But even the people who don’t know any of this can use it really well in cooking good food.

Use the education section there’s loads of stuff on it

When you are in a dilemma like this, always pop up to trade into a demo account first and get an experience before jumping into actual market. There are many links and videos available also for knowledge and adding on to your skills.

You need to go to the education section here and use other forex educational tools. Hopefully things will start to make a bit more sense.