I dont know what im doing!

I have no clue where to start or what to do, the information just dosen’t sink in. HELP!!!

Trading is simple , what are you stuck with ? Drop me a line and will try and point in the right direction. Read through the education and find the The Scruffy Trader on youtube as shows trading in plain english


Hi, well you’ve come to the right place! Start your education here. Dont worry, it’s all free. Take your time, be patient, ask questions and good luck.

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It is very simple, start with learning, babypips is having learning section within this website, check it out and start learning, you will get idea what you are going to do next.

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Open a demo account and practice on it as you study. Practical experience will get you farther than merely ingesting the theory. Things do seem a little confusing in the beginning. It will all come together in short order. We’ve all been where you are now. Take it one step at a time.

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Hello @ch1994! What learning resources are you using? Have you been through the School here? Their lessons are pretty easy to understand. Don’t be in a hurry and just keep your focus. Good luck!

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:open_mouth: :open_mouth: Okay! First, relax. Just take a deep breath and step away from your computer first. It might not help if your emotions are all over the place. :open_mouth: After that, once you feel like you’re ready to really absorb some knowledge on forex, you can start in the School of Pipsology here. :blush:

Good luck! :smiley:

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Thank you i will have a look a the scruffy trader, i am only third of way through this online course. it just seems nothing is going in my head

Most over complicate the industry simply to make themselves seem important but make sod all and blame everybody instead of just trading correct to gain a profit,

keep it simple and you will be fine. I dont know everything about the markets because I dont need to but make a good salary from the charts so it can be done

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Wrong my living comes from trading , youtube etc is a hobby that I enjoy and a way to help so please have your facts correct before slinging mud, I don’t sell course or anything like that.I have being in business over 20 years and know the score

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My facts are correct

You certainly don’t have your facts correct!

Do you know any sucessfull trader thats teaching on the internet?

Why don’t you read a few of his past posts before making these accusations? You’ll find he’s had nothing but the best intentions and has been an asset to these boards.

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What posts? the ones in this page?

You made a statement. The onus of proof lies squarely on you.

Subscribe to gtspeed’s YouTube channel and you might learn something. That will be a more productive use of your time than flinging accusations and making nonsensical statements.

Did you have sucess trading with the methods that he shares in his channel? If you ever feel like sharing who are the sucessfull traders that are teaching online i would be very interested. in knowing you they are

So let me see if I understand you correctly. You have not read gtspeed’s posts nor visited his YouTube channel and you deem it ok to fling accusations at him. Then you want me to point you to an educator so that you can learn how to trade. I tell you to check out gtspeed’s channel and you come back for more.

First back up your statement with evidence and I believe you owe gtspeed an apology. You do that and I might consider pointing you in the right direction.

No you did not understand me correctly. I read his posts , i saw his youtube channel and Its just really basic stuff.
I didnt ask you for a educator, and i didnt ask you for your help. i said good traders trade, bad traders teach, you seem to disagree. i then asked you to show a sucessfull trader that teaches online. you said check gtspeed. channel.
For me he is not a sucesfull trader so if you want feel free to try again.
it looks like you are the one that needs direction instead of poiting directions to others.
search forums, what gtspeed has in his channel has been used and discussed by a lot of people, it takes more than some support/resistance, fib retracements and pivots to be sucessfull. Market Makers are smarter than what you think, and they are really good doing their jobs.