I feel very let down

Post removed due to it being seen as being disingenuous.

Stop trying to sell something and say you want to help.

Why dont you take this opportunity to explain what you want to share? I’m listening.


Why does someone need to leave this site to interact with you?
Be transparent, and start your own thread here and “help” others…It’s not that hard.

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@CrashCourse Good luck out there.

Show your profit margin first.

If you cant teach what you’re trying to teach on this site then you’re of no use to anyone here. Either teach what you want. Or delete your posts and account and continue on your way. I dont want to read anymore posts of you crying that you were let down. I already wasted my time replying to you and you have not taught me anything. No keys, no golden brick road, just crying and self pity.

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Hi Crash,
On the one hand, I can see why you feel sad. On the other hand (moderators will correct me if I am wrong), the purpose of this forum is to provide a structure, open, honest and patient way in which new members can trust the content they are reading and trust that the answers they get from other more long standing members here are not judgemental. In other words, a safe place to be.

Now this may not apply to you in the slightest, but firstly there are some stickies that new members are encouraged to read and one of them alludes to having content removed if it does not conform to the forum standards or rules. As somebody that is familiar with other forums (Discord, for example) you will be very aware of that.

With the benefit of years of hindsight, the forum moderators have “seen it all before” and if it looks like a duck and swims like a duck it probably is a duck. So the ten minutes or so that new members read a new post from a new member where the content is similar to that which you posted is a complete waste of time if you don’t be clear, open and honest about what your method is, why should it be followed, and what commitment would be required from the follower in terms of time spent learning your stuff compared with time spent learning BabyPips stuff.

In conclusion, life’s a b*tch, and then you die. Suck it up and become a useful member, or understand there are some fierce protectors of Babypips reputation on here. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Mate sounds like the people have spoken.

If you really care as much as you say you do then provide value to this community first…

There are many other forum members here that openly post their trade ideas and progress as they go so new people can follow/learn/comment and ask questions.

What is stopping you from doing the same?


The posts were rather long so I didnt bother to read them all but this is my takeaway.

Topics =1
Posts =3
Likes =0


AND he wants people to go “off-site” - to "speak to him "


We get your ilk week after week - usually at weekends when the mods are quieter !

As someone said earlier - IF you hsvr somerthing to impart - IMPART IT !

Otherwise "SOD OFF " !

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I wish you the best with your trading.


I sometimes feel like “protector of the innocent”. As we often advise new members, Forex is not for everyone because “it is dressed up in coveralls and looks like hard work” unlike the rags to riches stories plastered all over t’interweb. :money_mouth_face:

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