I finally give up. Hooray

Hi @anon81929759

No hard feelings. “Hijack” is such an ugly term. Let’s just say “unintentionally diverted.” :slight_smile: I know your heart was in the right place. Happy holidays.


yes… let’s use

hehe. yeah i like that.

AND … No… there are no hard feelings
i’ll just remember my pressure points… wooooo Saaaahhhh hehe

all good mate

if i can respectfully interject for a second

FALSTAFF… IN MY OPINION MATE (and in TonerGarot’s defense

when i personally look at these two comments

  • there are question marks following the questions Not !!! Marks
    i don’t believe he was issuing a DIRECTIVE , i believe the overall tone of what he was saying was… HE WAS JUST ASKING A QUESTION

and as to whether the OP would answer, WAS OPTIONAL

i think it’s a fair question in my opinion

I’ve been playing guitar since i was 14
and most of that was spent playing full time

Now, When you’re young and you’re a guitarist starting off and you go through your first 3 years
you can do it full time or you can pick it up once a month
but regardless of the road you take, you will still say “I’ve been playing for 3 years”

but, obviously, your level of experience will be much different to someone who played FULL TIME for 3 years

i think ToneGarot was just getting at this
I mean if we look at it in terms of “SCREEN TIME” or “CHART TIME” as opposed to TIME in general
he was just asking to get an idea of where the guy was at

and also he did say

you then came out with this…

if someone decides they don’t want to provide information then You’re right.
Everyone else can Firetruck off… right

But ToneGarot is not doing that.

i think you’ve misunderstood him

then he came out with this

Now… i think IT’S MY FAULT HERE AS WELL, that i popped in at the wrong time and added a comment at the wrong time
so it looks like GANGING UP ON HIM

Naturally, he’s gonna feel upset
You’re comment (Due to a misunderstanding) was hard handed
i then jumped in which adds to the problem

hehe… you can see this going south … can’t you ?

then (while he’s got the shyte’s) you came with this

clearly you are just trying to work it out. but He’s still thinking we are ganging up on him.
he’s then taken a step back
as per this comment

Mate, Long story short
i just wanted to give you my opinion as an outsider looking in

I don’t think his intentions were malicious
that’s my opinion FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION ok

be cool

Hey mate…
i think you are taking this the wrong way…

Understand this
when we are here on the forum just like facebook or you tube, it’s text, there is no tone of voice… ok
so as humans we ASSUME the tone.
that’s the problem

My intention here was… I was just joking, i didn’t mean it in a malicious way . ok hehe Relax ok
i think the main problem stems from this misunderstanding

“weasel disclaimer” can be used to both discredit a person, but then it can also be used jokingly and affectionately … ok

i meant it… Jokingly.

I know you did, i picked up on that right away
and for the record. hehe… so did i when i came years ago, and they are bloody hard to find… aren’t they?
so… I understand

I know… i totally get that
Mate… I once put up a link to a video (just as a joke) i think it was Enter Sandman (by Metallica) I’m pretty sure it got flagged and removed hehe… go figure huh

i then also at a point in the past, a while back , put up a link to a video that was helpful, it also got flagged because the Moderators’ FELT THAT IT WAS SPAM
I understand being helpful… I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE… ok
so i get it.

ok, fair enough
you can see how IT COULD BE INTERPRETED THAT WAY… right ?
that was my point

because even the scammers come on and say “What… what what… i’ts not a scam. i was just posting” hehe
so… clearly there is a fine line and we need to be aware of it
but everyone , of course has the right to defend and explain themselves
and there’s no need to take an objection offensively

because i think this was the big thing

now in this post to me you have written this
"I merely provided a name on you tube to access the free information"

QUESTION… Why did you BOLD "Free"
and if you go back to your original post. you can see how much you are bolding stuff

but by comparison

Look at this bold text

here you said
"Fourth , it is NOT “some guys etc etc”"
See… i understand why you bolded the world NOT, in this situation.

CAN YOU SEE HOW BOLDING THINGS when you are making reference to other sites and links can be interpreted in a messed up way
because, when you go on you tube , on forex channels. when you see the scammers with those templates
what do you see
you see keyword text BOLDED… right hehe

and also… yes youtube contains channels,
but , when forex is in question and you link to you tube… cmon mate… we all know it’s highly likely that you are linking to a BS you tube channel that will in turn lead to a landing page

and… i can totally respect that, but, i was just giving you a heads up because i know what they will do.
You won’t hear from them
they will just ban you link and then send you THE EMAIL hehe
but fair enough, if you don’t want to hear from me… i totally understand that as well and i’m not angry about it.

Mate… after reading this sentence LOL
I KNOW WITHOUT QUESTION you are taking this the wrong way and way way way too seriously

if we are going to compare comments in this light
i could also say to you the following

“You sir a scoundrel , i will not suffer the woe’s and agonies of your insults” LMFAO
but this isn’t Shakespeare that we should be quoting “the brush of solicitation” of “The pick of destiny” or “the Sword of truth” hehe ok

You’re a bloody legend mate… seriously… Brush of solicitation huh. hehe
Honestly, i was reading this… trying to make it right
i have my coffee in hand
and i read the words “Painted with the brush of soliciting” and the coffee nearly wen the wrong way up my nose from laughing ok hehe

RELAX WITH THAT BRUSH OK I’m not insulting your entire Generation line … I just gave you a heads up.

anyway… let’s move on

ok, that’s fine
and i’m not a newb, but i haven’t been hear in like 5 years or something like that… i don’t know.
and i came back around 2 months ago i think.

I am giving you the benefit of the doubt
Mate, I’m from Australia. …

Firetruck OFF We’re Full (which is not relevant here)

I am giving you a Fair Go, I gave you a heads up. You just didn’t see it that way.

and they are not completely based on misinterprations
MATE, THIS IS THE FOREX INDUSTRY… Scammers are everywhere

but it doesn’t mean that it has to be an insult
You also have a responsibility to understand the industry you are in and who the people in that industry are

so… Take it with a grain of salt ok.[quote=“tpd, post:39, topic:126723”]
Sheesh. Sorry to go on about it,

it’s ok mate, i mean, you pulled out that BRUSH so i can tell how pissed off you are and deeply offended hehe[quote=“tpd, post:39, topic:126723”]
but you spent a lot of characters insinuating something completely other than what I was doing, using false statements. I take offense at that.

they were not completely false, there was some basis there
but again… you need to relax, i’m not on a witch hunt, i just gave you a heads up

Try and relax ok

here… I’ll give you a virtual hug… ok
i’ll ask the moderators if they can organise a secret decoder ring for you and and ID Badge

Relax. mate, You are part of the community and we are all mates here… ok IT’S COOL hehe
now i’m going to take the opportunity to say… SHEESH… ok hehe

and that’s nice
but let me say this as well
BEING REALISTIC… You WILL BE Misinterpreted again by random members.
it happens all the time

so… as a Newb. Learn to handle it without argument,
believe me, mate, YOU GOT ME (consider yourself thankful)
i could name a few other people that would bite your head off like Ozzy osbourne bit the head off a bat… ok

make no mistake , there are people on this forum who will not care , they won’t want to understand or say sorry, because to them… (to put it in your words, but seriously this time ) they believe they get painted with the BRUSH OF SHAME if they apologise, so , they won’t

and the reality is… You need to learn to deal with that

SIDE NOTE : I once watched a metallica video, and James hetfield was discussing with the band about the departing of jason newsted from metallica
and james said… “what part was ours in jason leaving”

Meaning… Everyone has fault to some degree

You are partly at fault for you post
I am partly at fault for my response
well have to accept our faults
and people make mistakes… there’s nothing wrong with that … ok


Now mate, if you were in sydney, I’d tell you to shut up, come over for a cup of coffee and we’d talk this out… ok
but you’re probably not… so we can’t

so all i can tell you is this
Relax… i didn’t mean anything buy it… ok
and I"m sorry for offending you , i didn’t mean to.
we all have a different sense of humour, i have mine, and maybe it’s not always understood

but, again… being a part of the community is also a teething process and it’s about understanding WHO ARE THE PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY and getting to know them

so… Now you know me
I’m the guy who can give you a wall of text without batting an eyelid hehe (Even though i don’t mean to, it usually works out that way hehe)

i’m the guy who likes to muck around a bit because i believe life should not be taken too seriously
I’m the guy who likes to help people
and i’m the guy who likes to work out misunderstandings

there you go, that’s me in a nutshell ok
I will never offend you intentionally
there is only 1 exception

if you are genuinely rude to me and have no desire to make things right, that’s the only time i will probably say something in return

other than that. it’s likely a misunderstanding.

No it’s not
and i think at this point, You are now Painting me with that brush a bit too much… hehe
but it’s ok… I understand

You’re welcome
and try to relax ok
put that brush away (Actually , throw it in the bin)
Sorry for the misunderstanding
you are part of the community and feel free to ask me questions if you have any… ok

beyond that
Be cool
Happy New year

here’s a smiley to cheer you up and show you that you’re one of us :smile:

now if that doesn’t work
here’s a link to a simpsons video THAT I INSIST THAT YOU WATCH, THIS IS NOT A SCAM hehe

and if that doesn’t work
here is another link

if that doesn’t work
i’m gonna pull out the big guns and go with
Michael Jackson - Heal the world

Now. if that doesn’t work
Holy crap mate… seriously, who can say no to michael jackson

if that doesn’t work , sheesh mate,… i’m out of ideas ok hehe

happy new year mate

I am quitting today as well.

At least from full time to maybe 2 or 3 times per week for an hour or so.

My only wish to everyone is that they DON’T quit after 6 months or a year.

I lost money for 49 months in a row before seriously thinking of quitting.

Glad I did not.

Now I am quitting because I have been at this for 31 years.

Quit people, when you are on top, not when you are an inch before the goal line.



you sound like a smoker that says , i’ve quit , i used to smoke 2 pack a day,
now i only smoke 1 - 2 cigarettes a day , which is nothing really LOL

that’s not quittting mate

Quitting is when you stop doing it forever

Thanks Martin,

Yes that is what it sounds like.

How about this: Like smoking 2 packs per day to inhaling secondary smoke at restaurants.

Trust me, from where I have been, to now, it is quitting.

Wall Street, big Investment Banks, managing over $1 Billion.

For 30 years worked 20 hours per day (4 hours sleep except for Sunday).

Quitting for me is like yesterday.

8:00 am Eastern called a buddy sitting at my former desk in NY at a company that begins with Gold****.

Told me they were shorting 1500 Dow emini futures for 3 clients on the open and were looking for a dump on the close.

Played along and put on a “whopping” 5 contracts short. LOL

Went to the airport took a flight (hired another pilot this time so I could sit in the back with my client) to my favorite restaurant in New Orleans - Emeril’s. The only reason I did not fly is because I planned on having 3 mint juleps LOL.

Got back at 2PM - I live in the Central time zone of Florida just in time to watch the Dow plunge over 100 ticks.

Paid for the airplane fuel, pilot, wear and tear, ground transport, fantastic grouper lunch and drinks for me, client, and pilot (no booze for him), and had $125.00 left to spare in my trading account.

My client made $12,000 on that trade and owes me a dinner now.

To me, this is retirement. Still keep a place in Queens, NY and a hangar slot at Teterboro but I don’t have to shovel snow any more.


And you joined here an hour ago just to tell us this?

Forgive me for a rather cynical thought, but do I sense a sales pitch brewing in the background here?

It is a sales pitch if you have $30,000 per month and at least $100
million under management.

I retired from Goldman Sachs.

I assure you I would not troll “baby pips” for hedge fund manager
clients, LOL.

I received a link entitled “I finally quit hooray” and responded.

Are you saying that the above “I finally quit hooray” blogs is just a
plant to induce newbies to sign up so a SR. account executive will call

and try to sell them a HOW TO GET RICH WITH BITCOIN course.

And then again, what is your interest in my response to that guy who quit?

Finally, you have a right to believe I am pitching my services to the
baby pips groups. So here is how you prove it.

Take a deep breath. Hold it.

Wait for my “folllow up” hey do you want to learn how to trade forex
(which I never traded in my life) for $19.99 and if you order today

Phil Swift will give you a free Jiffy Seal can.

When you see that you can DISCOVER MY CON.

By the way I also worked for the CFTC enforcement division a while back
and put scamsters out of business.

Sorry to disappoint you.

So the only two ways people will get advice is:

1- Free helpful comments that might help someone avoid the mistakes I
made in the beginning - from me.

2- Pay an institutional advisory service at Goldman, or
Kantor-Fitzgerald $30,000 a month.

When did you join baby pips.com

On the following day were you a scam artist?


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The situations aren’t comparable at all, Alex: Manxx didn’t join and then immediately start posting about his own institutional trading background and about how a client of his made $12,000. His guess, or suspicion, about your motivation for doing so may possibly have been a mistaken one, but it was still a perfectly legitimate question to ask, in the circumstances.

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hehe. that’s cool
and $1Billion wow
20 hours for 30 years

ok, since you put it that way then… yeah, you’re practically clean and rehabilitated

and re the rest of it
yeah if only we had friends on establishments such as those that we had on speed dial
so that we could take a nice dump like you did

oh well, i guess after putting in the hard yards, you’ve earned your place on the ladder and the right to be able to do that

HEY MATE, can i ask you something. since you have the experience
this has always played on my mind and i have yet to test it
and i like to test things for real instead of relying on what people who usually have little to zero experience tell me.

now my question is this
is there an upper limit as far as lot size is concerned
meaning if i was to get to a level where i was trading lot sizes of say 100 lots or 1000 lots.
is there are point that at which i hit a certain lot size and the broker (Pepperstone) takes more notice and starts to hunt my stops because it easier to take me out than many others

i haven’t hit 100 lots yet, in around 3 to 4 years i think i might be there
and i was always curious about this

so What you say , some words of wisdom wouldn’t go astray before you leave us.
you know what also.
it’s funny, i never thought i’d be asking or getting this answer from babypips hehe of all places.

so yeah. do you know the answer to this question
i imagine you would … right because you’ve held large account sizes in investment banks.

so what say you.
thanks ahead of time for the answer.

Kind of touchy for a big shot? Interesting…

At least we can all watch with interest what comes next! :slight_smile:

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This is also rather interesting!

If this is so then I would have somehow thought you might have actually appreciated and welcomed my question and been grateful for the opportunity to explain in more depth about your interests in a forum like BP?

But I didn’t quite get that impression from your reply - but I guess that is only the Simple_Simon in me again…

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Thanks for your lengthy reply. Glad to have provided so much amusement! Long story short, I will abide by the rules as the mods see fit to enforce them. I really don’t have the time to go back and forth with every random member who wants to challenge my sincerity, whether jokingly, affectionately, or otherwise. I want to be part of a community in order to see what I might learn, that’s all. Your analysis of my post was so involved that I can’t summon the energy to respond. It really doesn’t matter anyway, as it will be forgotten soon. Or maybe I’ll just take it down, if that can be done.

I just saw how ALW was treated and it was basically the same as was done to me. I have to say I don’t care for it, if that’s the welcome y’all give to newcomers. So he presents himself as a big shot—so what? I enjoy listening to people brag. I’m smart enough to not get scammed by it, secure enough not to feel threatened by it. It’s just annoying how he was immediately challenged and then we get a lot of back and forth blah, blah, blah, over what somebody thinks he’s saying. It adds nothing to the discussion. If he’s a spammer, I will figure it out soon enough. I’m content to let the mods do their job (it’s okay with me if I get THE EMAIL) and everybody else should consider just being friendly and accepting, not immediately suspicious. Who needs that?

And I DON’T need to justify my use of boldface, even for the word FREE.

This is my final communication on this thread. Feel free to have the last word. Cheers!


I would love to know more about your book. I am a lady trader who came to trading late in life (mid-50s), and have been at it about three years. I have made a lot of very dumb mistakes and am trading with a tiny account, but I’m hopeful to be able do this for a living if I don’t drain my account first.

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TPD, this site is targeted specifically at newcomers to this business and newcomers come in all shapes and sizes, as you will discover if you stay here. Many of them do not even post, and only read the input.

This means that this site is a potential goldmine and is like a magnet for both scammers and product sellers looking for free advertising (such as their forthcoming books!)

One of the reasons why this site was recently moved to an entirely different platform was to be able to filter out a lot of such sales stuff and now most of it never even reaches the forum. Unfortunately not all of it.

Another feature of the new forum is its facility for a degree of self-moderating, which is useful but can also be inappropriately applied.

One of the tools available for self-moderating is also available to you. At the base of your post is a line of icons which, when extended includes a flag. By pressing this you can bring the post to the attention of the moderators for specific attention. If you feel that you were being unfairly harassed by over-enthusiastic self-moderation as a genuine newcomer then I recommend you use that facility for a quick response from the “management”.

It is far better than getting into lengthy and bitter engagements with others before you have even had a chance to settle in here.

Personally, I welcome you here and hope that you will learn much and find the success you are looking for…and eventually be assisting other newbies yourself! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the welcome and the explanation. I looked for the flag icon but could not find it. I only have the options to bookmark, edit, share the post’s link, or delete it. Maybe because I’m a newb it’s not showing up?

I have no desire to get into arguments, but I admit it can be a strong tendency in me sometimes! It was a mistake to respond. In the future I’ll just deal with any contentious or challenging replies without getting entangled in arguments or defensiveness. But I don’t think it’s only my perception of being picked on. ToneGarot was challenged merely for trying to get clarity about the OP’s statement concerning his trading timeline. It’s really heavy to have other members who aren’t even mods haranguing one to word one’s posts just so. It’s enough to make me not want to participate if it’s going to be a crab bucket. I love the school of Pipsology and can probably learn what I need to know there, as I already belong to at least four other forums. I just really like BabyPips information, so I thought I’d revisit the forums.

I’m genuinely curious: what’s the difference between just telling people you’re writing a book and advertising it? If someone is writing a book, I’m interested to hear about that, but I don’t consider it an advertisement if they’re not being pushy about it.

Sorry for the lengthy reply. I’m just trying to make myself understood. I understand you don’t want scammers here, but it doesn’t help the situation if members jump to conclusions if someone’s post is borderline dodgy. Give people, especially newbs, the benefit of the doubt.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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Hi @tpd maybe the flag is not available for newbies (I don’t know why it wouldn’t be). But you can always approach the moderating staff direct. But I hope that stage here is now history from your perspective and you feel you can move on here.

Asking questions of dubious new posters actually is giving them the benefit of the doubt, if handled responsibly. And usually is cleared up quickly.

But if someone appears here just because they “received a link” and to a specific thread about a guy quitting (which is clearly a magnet thread for many traders who are struggling - as the content here already demonstrates ) and claiming to be a super success story with friends amongst the famous names in the forex world - is that not just a little suspiciously like someone looking to sell to the most desperate and gullible?

And the danger is that once established here such scammers can use the PM facility to directly and covertly approach innocent and struggling trader wannabes.

Afterall, you yourself claim to be smart enough to spot a scam, and I am sure you are, but you are immediately interested in his book without knowing anything about it! I.e. based purely on the lure of a supposedly big time success story. Such is the power of money and the craving for success in this business. Just, please, be careful! :slight_smile:

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Hi mate
firstly. this is not me having the last word ok
but i just wanted to say this

Your’e right, you DON’T NEED to justify anything
but, CAN YOU UNDERSTAND what i said.

I’ll make this post short ok

My last post was an attempt to MEND THE BRIDGES between you and me.
clearly you didn’t see it that way.

if this is your last post, then… that’s kinda sad, because whatever happened to being part of the community.

Mate, i think you just need to take things with a grain of salt
I understand how you feel, but you are taking things WAY TOO PERSONALLY[quote=“tpd, post:58, topic:126723”]
I just saw how ALW was treated and it was basically the same as was done to me. I have to say I don’t care for it,

that’s ok
and we all need to decide if we want to be here

I mean. i was on this site a few years back,
it then bored the crap out of me and there were rude people, so i left for a few years

if you do decide to stay
i’m not going to be rude to you… that’s for sure
if you decide to go, then there are other sites like MQL5 for example or thing that stack exchange also does forex to a point… i’m not sure

but the piont is… go where are you happy to be

alright mate
Keep your chin up
and don’t be sad

I mean… seriously
If Michael Jackson couldn’t heal the way that you feel… hehe
i don’t know what else to try

i’ll leave it with you
feel free to reply
this is not a contest as to who will get the last word in… ok
we are not in competition here
Feel free to discuss

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Thanks for the explanation, I can understand why there would be suspicion. For me it is a matter of tone, which is why I objected to the use of the word “weasel.” Also, I’m not stupid enough to think that reading a book is going to make me rich. I’m interested in the book because I’m interested in writers and writing. So it doesn’t matter if I don’t know what it’s about (presumably trading, right?), I’m just interested in the process. I have more interests than just the markets! :smiley:

Okay, I think I get how things work around here. If I decide to spend any time on these forums, I will be alert and on my guard. :grimacing: