I get scam yesterday

I get message want start trade behalf me I trust him because he gave me more info where he live how he trade
Want start company so on and so on I gave him start 250$ after he ask me anther 350$ for tax and now he blocked me from Instagram account and WhatsApp please can anyone help me

You just gave money to a random person? Can you share their name so we can be warned about it?

same question i have already . you should elaborate more about them which can help to find out.

You wont get your money back thats for sure. But keep this in mind so that you dont repeat it. A lot of scammers use the same scheme and fool people. You cannot stop them but you can certainly avoid.

don’t give your money away to people you’ve never met, let alone anyone. You will continue getting scammed

This his Instagram account: Stephen Houston and phone number +1(661)6664378 I send money in West Union 250$+350$

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There are a lot of Stephen Houstons, methinks

Care to share some more?

Sorry to hear about that. There’s a lot of scammers out there. Please avoid giving your money to people you just met online. :frowning:

Guys I need help the Guy who scam me want more money I want Catch him send to Prison I get information where he lived “Los Angeles” and he use this phone number
+1 (661) 666-4378

Which one is it, theres too many stephen Houston’s?

in Instagram

this post started Sep 2017, so were you still trying to get your money back from that time??

What do you mean you give him $250 and then $350 for taxation, how does it really working with him anyway. I clearly do not understand what is going on with that matter anyway, I clearly do not see where it’s all going with it. I do want it LOL.

Western Union - first mistake. Tell him you’ll mail him a check. Give you his address. Or tell him you’re in town, and can give him the money yourself (if you feel up to that).

I’m guessing the name, image, everything, is fake anyways. Your chances are looking really low of getting your money back. Sad to see this happen over and over again.

What made you trust this guy at all?

I mean just look at his profile pic,does it look like you can trust that man? :joy:

Haha besides the “looks”. I mean what drives people to give random strangers not part of an established company, their money?

We have to me more suspicious when guarantees are made.