I have backtested a strategy by Caroline Ayuk, please let me know about it

I’ve backtested for only eurusd.
Btw, there are a few times where the price barely hit the pending order (1-10pips).and immediately go far away.

Risk per trade is 1%.


I will give a general idea of how that strategy works.

Buy when the following conditions are met. 8LWMA is above 10LWMA.
the candle closed above the 10LWMA.
Osma shows positive.

Enter directly if price is less than 60 pips from 8LWMA/ Put pending order with 60 pips if price is more than 60 pips from 8LWMA.

SL will be at the high/low of the candle below the recent fractal.

The selling part is just vice versa, kindly read the book if you’re interested to get to know more. (She is pushing to buy her signal/course in her book), I’m not sure whether she is just another self-claim trader bs which make money through other way.

I’m not going to tell whether you should buy or not her course. The answer has to be up to you. And what you need to ask to yourself is that whether the entire strategy is logical to you. If you answer yes, then give it a shot. And she as a mentor has to be able to why should this strategy works also. Not in a technical way like for example “a good pinbar candle has to be at least1/3 of its wick/tail etc.” bla bla all these technical nonsense (sorry!). The logical explain should be “price went to a certain direction suddenly got rejected dractically, what is going on to the price?”

I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say, anyway. :grinning:

You’re right to be concerned about that.

Apart from its very tiny profit in 2016 this looks like (at best) a breakeven system? Why should trades entered on the basis of a LWMA crossover have an edge over the market, anyway? It sounds terribly suspicious, to me. Especially given the propensity for backtesting to make things look profitable when they’re really not?

It’s not something I’d look at further, myself.