I have developed a new DDE trading system, and it is FREE!

Dear friends:

I am a new member, and I would like to share with you my trading system… it is free … I have developed this system at Middle Tennessee State University…

It is an Excel Sheet that uses DDE server in MT4.

You caN download the file from here:


Best Regards

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Well this is just amazing dude! i have just scanned trough the provided book and its way above the standards regarding annalysis of the system. i wish you the best!

greetings from Amsterdam

Thank you dude :slight_smile:

I really appreciate your posting … Best Regards

Hi, i’m using 64 bit system. it needs some code change. Do you have any ideas, how to get this thing working in 64bit?

It should work if you use Office 2013 :slight_smile:

Also, I wold like to know what MT4 company you are using in order to fix any code issue

Admiral markets. i tried it on 32bit also. no errors there, but i cant seem to get data running into the excel file. Don’t know how to solve this

Very good work you have done Mohamed2015.

I’m using Excel 2007, and i’ve also problems loading data. Should I upgrade Excel?

Can we change to GMT time?

Thanks and Best regards from Portugal.

i have office 2013 on 64 bit and i get this error:
Compile error:
The code in this project must be updated for use on 64bit systems. please review and update Declare statements and then mark them with the PtrSafe attribute

Thank you guys… I have rad all the comments… I need 24 hours to combake with all the necessary fixes

Thank you mohammed

Great job Muhammed,!! I waiting for your updated system.

Where is the thread starter? He told 24 hours and still wiating for the update.

It looks very interesting
Did anyone get it to work ?
can it be converted from 32bit to 64 bit

I love the fact that the community is not only giving to each other (the xls) but also everyone trying the program…very cool

Thanks for the ebook I will download it now

Sorry for the delay>>> I was called by my company to train some employees in Dubai… Please, add this page to your favorite… I will send you the updated system as soon as possible

hi mohammed can you send me update and your system?

i didn’t understand how exel file ( i have openoffice) receive dates from MT4 platform
how can i do to set all fine ?


Wicked. I love it mate thank you for sharing this with us. I like how you even have your credentials and identification packed in the file too. Very professional! Thanks Moe :smiley:

Downloaded, but its not opening in my laptop. I have Excel 2010. :frowning: But will go through the book available. Thank you for sharing it.

Hello great job but I is not how his works and how to install