I have found the Holy Grail!

Very well stated.


Im just contributing a tiny bit im not trying to offend anyone or pick on anyone.

i was just happy i knew something about soros thats all.

i tend to agree with you that price does returnt o its median. I think fundies are good in terms of continueing or changing sentiment.

yeah, I hear ya.

sad thing is, the mods banned Nial Fuller (mav08) from the site (& I appreciate the reasons why etc) when that guy actually had something worth imparting to the members on here.

this joint needs more professional contributors with sensible, constructive, common sense idea�s to cascade down to those seeking a little guidance & advice��instead we get Forrest Gump full of fairy tales & hot air.

[B]unfortunately they went & banned the wrong fella altogether![/B] :frowning:

anyhow, that�s my last word on him & to him.

I agree with you Texan I think mp has been great (well done mp) the problem is some of the people in here who’ve been here longer than most sort of see themselves as the final word or the seers of the forum when in truth even with their 500+ posts they’re as confused as when they came in here with 1 post.

If anyone believes you can use pure price in the forum of a squiggly line to predict where the squiggly line will be that too in the near future they deserve to trade such drivel.

The only reason I posted in this **** hole is coz I don’t want noobs to be bluffed into all this “I’m a real pro trader coz I trade price action, I’ve trained myself to read squiggly price line charts.”

I sort of dont want other noobs (like myself) to fall prey to such loonies with their crap.

Most of these guys cant even add up pips correctly let alone feign the ability to read line charts which cant even be done. I wish they would at least learn to add up their net number of pips correctly.

Don’t believe me coz I’m a noob well fine thats reasonable but lets see what real pro traders have to say about pure price action rather than some joker with 500+ posts who’s right where he was a couple of years later than when he had one post or possibly more confused than when he started out.

Lets take Larry Williams (just a random choice because he’s well known and a bit controvertial for pushing his advisory services) He’s won the robbins world trading championship not once but twice these results have been indepedently audited and verified to be correct. He’s been trading for over 40 years and been one of the pioneers in advancing TA and introducing new concepts to trading.

I quote him from one of his books lets see what he has to say about pure price action …

“One of the first rules of logic is that you cannot predict A with A. Yet day after day, we market analysts use price to predict price”

On one hand you have an experienced trader with over 40 years of experience and proven credible results and on the other hand you have some guy with a month or two of unproven results posted after trades took place and not even added up correctly.

You decide for yourself who’s the experienced trader and who’s the noob.

I chose Williams coz his results are publicly available but if you don’t like him check out J Welles Wilder, Steve Nisson (btw even he says in his books you cant trade solely on candles you need confirmation from other factors bollinger bands s/r whatever), Mart Schwartz, John bollinger or even present day scalpers like Paul rotter (he uses the order book , read his interview its well worth it)

I want to point out here before some well else does that even though oscillators, indicators, candlesticks use price its not they same thing, its sort of like a derivative if you know what a derivative is.

Point is if it was possible to look at a squiggly line chart and predict where it would be most of the time do you think they would waste their time researching and testing TA for years.

We’re way better of reading bernie’s thread or mp’s, Tymens, or even Tess. Their methods make sense

If after reading this you still believe this drivel would work long term and you can train yourself to read a line chart you desreve to trade it!!

Well I’m done here dont want to beat a dead horse.

While you may not have found the true holy grail many dream of finding. The Gospel of Yeshua, because it doesn’t exist.

You are right though. The holy grail is contained within you! And each and everyone.

You can only trade in the NOW, WHEN the market is open. The past doesn’t exist, the future is a dream, a mental projection in your mind, and thus doesn’t exist in the physical world.

The holy grail is coded into your DNA, it is what causes your body to heal itself. It is that often small voice inside you that always tells you whatis right.

It is important to listen to your self talk, the conversations you have inside your head.

My dad, a multimillion dollar trader, always told me “it is ok to talk to yourself as long as you give yourself the right answers”

Everyone who desires to be sucessful in forex trading day in and day out needs to build confidence in themselves and not doubt. They need to learn to rely on themselves and not others, they need to maybe learn from others, but everyones unique trading style is unique to them.

The trick is successful what I call smart money management. I am not going to tell you how many accounts I have blown up over the years but suffice to say I cannot count them on ALL my fingers. What is a fact is that forex has fed my family through often rough times. I have given up wirking for someone else for a living and rely on forex and other online money making ventrues.

Forex is risky especially if you dont smartly manage your margin and you get greedy and get involved in mental assent. I have done it. But each time I learn something new.

You have got to realize who you are trading against, bankers and other professional tradewrs who will take your money more times than not. Not to say the little guy cannot make a killing. He can. But the risk is large but the potential reward is huge.

As I sit here waiting for the market to open, checking the gaps over the weekend. I am not kicking myself because I sold all those long GBP/JPY trades I had from 119.50. I am not imaGINING how much $ I would have. I just take my pips and move on. Am I a fool because I am still not sitting on those longs from 119.50, nope. The best thing you can do is to forgive yourself and stop beating yourself up.

I make all sorts of cowboy calls based on my emotion, but I still smartly manage my margin and with all the government manipulation going on as of late it is no wonder so many people are losing everything.
Forex will be here tomorrow, trading without emotion is key and hard to do. Even harder is patience, After almost 5 years of forex trading I still cannot get the patience thing down, for if I was patient I would still have a boatload of longs from 119.50.

ANother thing is you never want to put all your eggs in one basket.
I have at least 5 live accounts and almost as many demo accounts. I am always trying new things and always learning. The longer you do this the less you learn. Be careful what you accept as truth. What is true for you is and may or may not be true for me or for anyone else.

I can trade guppy and make money long all day
while others trade guppy short and make money all day.
Drawdown means very little to me.

And I don’t care what anyone says the USD is doomed, it is already dead.
And the window is broken BEFORE you throw the rock thru it!

If anyone believes you can use pure price in the forum of a squiggly line to predict where the squiggly line will be that too in the near future they deserve to trade such drivel.

hess i hope your not refering to me in your 50 post coments. tell you the truth i have over 500 posts and the only reason i post here is coz it is layed back and a fun environment.

I dont use squiggly line charts just look up some of my other posts. I use candlestick charts. I mostly use support and resistance levels and yes you can predict price based on what it does and how it behaves at these levels.

As for your expert Im sure he would agree there are many people who are successful who utilize different methods of operation.

When mp posts I listen to what he says coz I think he is colorful and intelligent howbeit a little paranoid about bank traders. thats fine though again research my posts. Ive talked alot with mp. I also spent alot of time learning tro’s methodology (good friends with mp)

I have nothing but respect for either of these two gentlemen. I do however have my own world view and my own way of trading. I am profitable and to be honest the only time im not in profit is when I try to do things that are seemingly against the grain of who I am as a person and as a trader. Ask MP he’ll tell you the reason he uses so many overlays oand indicators is because he is very visual and that works for him and for his style.

I am a firm believer in fundamentals are reflected in the price. It is the same thing MP says. when a country cuts interest rates i don’t need to know by how much I simply choose to realize that the millions of traders trading that particular instrument have already considered what that may do to the value of that instrument and they either longed or short and so when my candle moves up or down then I know what the market believes about the fundamentals of that particular instrument.

The difference between mp and I is this. He beleives that fundamentals don’t matter and I beleive that there are alot of people out there who are smarter than me and with alot more money than me who factor these things into there trading decisions and I am made aware based on how price moves.

Even price action traders look at thing that help them to map the direction or level for example support and resistance (BTW shi channel_true maps support and resistance and is its only function). We look at key levels and average daily ranges some look at pivots most at least glance at fibonacci we all look at price if its printing higher highs and higher lows. some draw trendlines and take into account consolidations. Most realize that a consolidtation will always result in a breakout.

Hess you think your so smart coz you read a book and you can insult memebers here but the truth is Im not lost Im not confused and people like Jimmymac, Jocelyn, Tess will always be way smarter than me or you when it comes to this stuff and if you were wise you would at least head what they have to say. MP may be in profit but that does not mean his is the only way to trade and that does not mean his method is the right method for you. You think so now because you are inexperienced and you don’t know yourself yet and you cannot possibly take into account all the psychological ramafications of this industry yet. But you will and you will look back at post 1 here and realize how wise some of thos remarks were. The holy grail is within you and it is in knowing yourself that you will become an excellent trader.

I could quote many genius traders 99.9% of them say that success comes from knowing yourself. MP knows himself read some of his posts he has spend many years knowing what works for him and what doesn’t.

Hess do you know yourself?

although long ago i showed my agreement with most of what is said, even some of those who DO NOT wish to tar and feather me and run me out of town make mistakes about my intentions.

[B]PRICE ACTION[/B] — works in the day to day hectic melange of trading because many other traders use it, and the ones who dont use technicals (squiggly lines + s+r) that arrive at the same place in time, therefore the “pros” are all trading TO THE SAME RESULT ! Neither method is superior, although i bend towards my indicators IF ONE IS LOOKING TO TRADE TREND, even on the one (or less) minute chart. Fortunately, this is NOT the forumn in which to discuss that matter !

[B]FUNDAMENTALS[/B] — REPEATED ad nauseum by me and at least others agree — MAJOR EARTH SHAKING NEWS will change the TREND (trend is different than direction, we all know) and NORMAL news will alter the DIRECTION, until the price returns to the MEAN, which is so observable as to be silly to even have to write about !
METHODS[/B] — as many GOOD ones out there as there are fabulous women in this world, and possibly more (depending on your standards !) and the GOOD ones WORK ---- I simply offer up my OBSERVANCES (and NOT a real METHOD at all) for the newbs to UNDERSTAND — things like "what time does the market reverse directions, how to plot probable (read SAFE) take profit points based on the LRC, some squiggly lines that i find “predictive” and a few other COMMON SENSE situations that the newbs can use to profit from ---- my use of NO stop loss EVER has believers and negative screamers, which is why i will NEVER advise a newb to use it unless they are WELL versed in trend trading the longer timeframes.

when i first started posting, so many newbs were LOSING trades that I just couldnt believe it ---- ok, theyre newbs, but they had a GOOD trade going and then, like most, they were stopped out only to watch in disgust and horror as the currency retraced and then marched right past where they were taken out and on to PROFIT ! I advised, against some VERY angry posters, to MODIFY their sl procedures, and by doing [B]JUST THAT ONE THING, they were suddenly in profit[/B] ---- the horrid things said about me – how i was going to lead the newbs astray —[B]


[/B][B]INTERBANKERS[/B] — well, on one level i guess you could read my posts and say im paranoid, but as the expression goes, “just cause youre paranoid dont mean they aint out to get you !”

OK, its a joke, and while some may not like joking around, WHO decreed that we must all be as somber as accountants sitting around auditing someone ?

the banks are not OUT TO GET US, but they do find us retail traders to be a bit of a pain at times but since we are mostly relegated to the second or third tier of the liquidity pool, its usually of no biggie matter to them ---- from whence i speak is nothing but warnings of how brokers and some liquidity providers operate, especially down at the levels of the microlot traders !



[B]DAYTRADING[/B] — DESK traders are different animals than SWINGERS and POSITION traders — working in different timeframes, length of trade, drawdowns and most everything else except its the SAME currency !

the overall CONFUSION here comes from thinking my thoughts on longer term trading was referenced to DESK TRADERS and what they do. That the “banks” have longer term trades is known, that they have a vested interest in seeing their trade take profit UP THERE should be simple to understand ---- NONE of this has any bearing on the desk traders who move the markets around minute by minute and hour by hour ---- [B]MOST NEWBS WILL NOT BE DOING THIS ACTIVITY FOR QUITE A LONG PERIOD OF TIME, and to THEM are my remarks addressed ![/B]

NOW, lets get down to what i read BETWEEN THE LINES, although its been said on any number of posts in reference to ME !

there is a group here, thinking theyve been insulted, who DISLIKE my right brained, visual style, dislike my exclamation points and probably HATE my signature and avitars ---- they dislike that i offer the newbs encouragement in COLORFUL WAYS —
[B]they DISLIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE WAY I POST and to them i must offer up that (like Popeye) ----

[/B]I am far too much a gentleman to say “get over it !”, but i offer up a TRUCE, based on what i have posted and what CAN be read if you BOTHER to read it ---- while i play the short term charts every single day, and possibly for far more hours than most others (try pm’ing me at any time of the day and nite and see if im still there – i WILL be !) i play EVERY timeframe possible during the same day. My advice, which most cannot disagree with (try telling the LRC its full of . . . . . !) is every bit as valuable as others here, no matter what their self appointed status may be, so lets just STOP the crap and realize there is room for MANY differing ideas, of which a whole lot are very GOOD !

I have apologized for the misunderstandings revolving around the differences between desk traders and retail newbs, and if that is NOT sufficient to balm the spirit and reduce the anxiety, i can only offer up Heroin in its place !

NOW PEEPS — get thee off my back and award me the medal of valour, with oak leaf clusters for what I DO FOR THESE NEWBS, and dont try to just bury my advice in a jumble of PRO SPEAK !

EVEN your original poster and fearless leader has found SOME good in what i speak of — the rest i leave to the audience it was intended for, and not to the PRO CIRCUIT which doesnt need any of this, as they already deeply know it !

enjoy and trade well


Nicely said, and I hope the price action buccaneers take note and understand!

MP i have no hidden agenda or message .

[B]I’m glad you are here and helping us[/B]

you should see me for who I am, a guy who enjoys shooting the sh** with my fellow traders. I don’t get wrapped up in whos right or whos wrong. I feel everyone is entitled to there opinion and I feel it is foolish for anyone to say they are right and some other group is wrong. Ask Avery there is either profitable or unprofitable. Thats it nothing more nothing less.

I don’t appreciate Hess’s tone so I thought I would set her straight. My reality is I like naked charts while your reality is you like “colorful” charts.

[B]You are not wrong!!![/B]

this is evident in the fact that you are profitable. Personaly like I said I not only like you but I respect you. Im glad you are creative it is who you are and

after all if you were not you then who would be?

Lets all just continue to have dialogue and grow and learn from each other.

well, if i werent me, i prob wouldnt be tess either (a gender situation that would require a return to the womb and multiple modifications to create), but sure do like the thought of that CANE ---- it brings up images that are SOOOOOOOO satisfying !

wonder if “satisfying” is quite the correct word !

HEY TESS — can we talk ?



The best single post Ever! So much wisdom! I know. Happy Trading

ive seen this post a few places now ---- when that happens, a deep suspicion within me starts to gnaw at my left big toe AND my ears tingle !

now i wont say that a pain in my left big toe, coupled with a redness and tingling in my ears ALWAYS signals trouble but i would reserve a LARGE grain of salt until one sees where this is going !

granted, it may just be my normal New York City suspicions coming to the fore, but then again - - - - - - - -



methinks that post is yer basic subtle promotional approach…



Firstly, Yes, you have seen it before. It is the thread starter. It is also the first page of my journal on forexfactory. That makes 2 places.

Secondly, you have suspicions? Within that post you may have seen somewhere before there is a statement contained within that I shall point out again to you…

I quote from my first post:

[b]I wish that newbies entering into Forex where not taken for a ride by the “Snake Oil” salesmen peddling their “Buy my system”, “Buy my Expert Robot” etc. I wish they would ask themselves why the owners of these systems arent using them to make billions? Much respect though to those who offer their advice for free and readily show others an edge using what works for them
Unfortunately I have been there and fell for the Snake Oil when I started trading, I understand why newbies fall into this trap. I hope they read this and learn that price action and dedication is all you need. [/B]

I hope this helps with your suspicions.

I am a successful trader. As a successful trader I do not need anyone else’s cash.

Now, if you don’t mind, this thread is to discuss the merits of price action. If you have nothing constructive to say, then please post elsewhere.

Your negative views are not welcome, and to be honest, you have been nothing but confrontational with most who have posted here.

Best Regards



you should come and check out Tess’ new thread called technical templates 2. It is an extension of her Alternative Technical Template thread which is all about price action and using meaningful support and resistance levels combined with a sensible trigger. I bet you would have alot to offer there :slight_smile:

now why is it always that people simply gloss over ALL the words of any of my posts and notice only the parts that anger THEM !

granted, Mr. Shakespeare did once write, “I believe the lady protesteth TOO much !”, but if you cared to notice, i simply stated, “we will see where this is heading !”

you see, i moderated over 17 stock threads at one time or another, and when i see THIS particular opening volley, things start perking up !

so we shall see where this is heading !



Please read the forum rules in regards to “personal attacks.” I rest my case.:smiley:

P.S. - This is your warning. Please be respectful to other members on the forums.

Thank you moderator for stepping in. Maybe this thread can continue in a constructive manner discussing the merits of price action.

Many Thanks


if one is referring to my posts as an attack on shakesfx, allow that i only stated this sounds too much like the opening volley of a “to be seen” situation, which it appears others agree with.

i state “we shall see” and since those very words connote patience and a wait and see attitude, we are waiting and seeing — and have NOT gone forth to imply shakeys incompetence or question his maternal ancestry, so i LOOK for the alleged insult !

shakey appears rather thin skinned and the mods have seen many a sling and arrow thrown at me, while i have never responded in kind ---- perhaps i was cross bred with an armadillo or rhinoceros, but my skin is thick and i present my case and teachings even though there are many on the hillsides above me, throwing boulders in my path !

funny part of most of it is i invariably end up being friendly with the very people who questioned me in the first place, and that situation could easily develop with shakey, should he adopt a pet armadillo of his own !

suspicious ---- YES, but also willing to watch, wait and listen !

enjoy and trade well


And this is the reason I shall leave babypips: As a thread starter I do not have the facility to block certain posters who clutter the thread with utter drivel and childish nonsense.

I shall continue with my thread “ShakesFX scalping the pip outta it” at Forex Factory where “pretend traders” such as several on this “hijacked” thread would not dare post their ideas for fear of ridicule from actual “not pretend” full time professional traders.

All the best and happy trading

Best Regards