I just noticed the forum changes! :)

I just noticed some of the forum changes, and although it looks like there are still a couple of bugs :sweat_smile:, the follow feature is super cool! :smiley: Haha. :slight_smile:

I think there are other changes and I think it would be helpful to have some sort of list of all the changes? :smiley: Haha. :slight_smile: Just so that we could also try them out. :blush: @Pipstradamus @Penelopip

In like the little messages that come up when you put up a post from a new member or a member who hasn’t posted for a long time. Clever.

(still don’t like the endless scrolling format though…)
(I know, some people are never happy…)

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Oh yeah! :blush: Those too! :slight_smile: Pretty cool! Haha. That makes it a lot easier to spot people who should be welcomed back. :smiley:

Sometimes I like it, sometimes it’s difficult to use. Definitely harder for longer threads.

Aside from the new member labels, what else have you guys spotted? I just found that the font size is smaller from the forum main page lol

I like how this is slightly a spotting game. HAHA. :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t even noticed the new member labels! :open_mouth: