I made a question about forex broker but it got deleted

the question is not for advertising

i am asking the question so i can join their live account
i asked if they are scam or not company

i asked about automatic trading company and broker company

There is a whole sub forum in babypips dedicated to brokers.

Ask there, or do a forum search.

I reported your post as you started a thread asking about the broker right after suggesting them to someone else via a link in a different thread. It looked like you were setting up an advertising thread.

the first one (post to someone thered) is affiliate of my demo account

but the second one (starting a thered) is only asking about is the automatic :mad:trading website and broker trusted :mad:(not scam i mean) so i can join them in a live account
and not being cheated


the thered dont have links so it will be affiliate

it only asks about company names

If it wasn’t advertising then I apologise - it looked like it was going to be and I guess the mods agreed.

My point about posting in the right forum stands though, as does doing a forum/google search.

Good luck,