I Need a forex broker with very low spread and fast withdrawal

Can i get one pls,i need it urgently

These are good questions - narrow spreads are offered by many competitive brokers but I’ve never heard one mention anything about how quickly they turn around withdrawal requests. I don’t even remember seeing this covered in reviews and surveys.

I’m assuming you have a really good viable strategy that will support frequent withdrawals - do you want to outline what it is?

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To make money with every kind of market you need years so I dont’ understand the urgency.
BTW almost every broker is able to give back your bucks in 1-3 days.
If they don’t do that they are not honest.

Broker review and rating help you to identify broker with fast withdrawal serves. For low and tight spreads, you have to test it yourself with their demo account.

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You can try fxview, if you’re in EU. Spreads are low and my withdrawal took about 24hrs. Depends on the mode i think.

If you are looking for a regulated broker, Fxview and IC markets are good options. I am getting quite low spreads and they promise withdrawals within a business day. I tried to do a test withdrawal from fxview and it was actually quick.

If you are open to offshore brokers as an option then I’d like to suggest Forexchief.com. They offer low spread and a number of options for quick withdrawal.

Where are you based
Are you looking for brokers accepting US clients ?

Hi Olawale, first question to be ask is are you US citizen because most broker did not accept US citizen. If not, then there are a lots option for you as a trader. You may try Pacific Union their trading environment is good and withdrawal normally taking 3 working days only.

It’s not that difficult. You can choose from a variety of brokers like CMC markets, Pepper-stone, etc. I am currently using Turnkey-Forex as my broker. They’ve got API trading which works for my custom built trading system. The best of all is that I don’t have to worry about fast withdrawals. I suggest you compare the services of different brokers.

I got both with fxview. Tight spreads and overall experience so far is good. You should def check.

Ic Market is not good for withdrawing, if any reason you want to get withdraw in a different account(close the original account from where you deposited) they will make you cry and delay. Well in returning my 400 USD they delay two weeks, you can imagine what they would do if you want to withdraw in a different account.
Parvez Iqbal

Two weeks is a long time. It seems most brokers say it will take 3 business days for withdrawals to reach your account, sometimes 5. But you can only withdraw funds after a delay of 3 days since you deposited them. They also say in unforeseen circumstances, transfers may take longer.

Where there any relevant circumstances in this case that might have caused the delay?

I think that the user that started this topic is fake/bot.

I dont use this broker now. But regarding withdrawal to another account, i am sure every regulated broker must be having a long procedure due to regulatory control. I guess you can only withdraw in your verified payment gateways which are on your own name. Its like impossible to withdraw in some other account.

We all want that, trust me. What will be better is if you time your trades in a way that you trade when the market is very active. With high volatility you will find narrower spreads. As per withdrawals, make use of neteller or skrill, it’s much faster.

I opened an account with M4Markets about a month ago. They have very good spreads and haven’t had any problems with withdrawals so far. it was really fast, but I only made a withdrawal request once so not sure about the next one.

What was your mode of withdrawal and how long did they take?

It was with skrill, it took them a couple of hours.
Did you have any trouble with withdrawals from M4Markets?

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How was the spreads?