I Need Advice on Forex Brokers

I am a newbie to Forex trading and would like 2-5 Forex brokers that I can demo trade with before actually trading. I have only heard of Oanda, and I heard it is good.

I wouldn’t mind receiving links to read more about Forex brokers.

I live in Canada if that helps.

I’ve used IC markets since 2018, now ICM global for high leverage. Both live and demo. While maybe not a cutting edge broker, they are safe, and I have all I need from a Forex MT5 platform. They provide daily trade results and their spread is minimal EUR/USD 0.01.

Even their chat line has improved dramatically in the last few months. Depositing and withdrawing money is at no charge and quickly carried out.

I’ve stuck with them, because a friend of mine is a pro hedge fund trader who uses them now for several years.


Thanks for sharing. I want to know if IC market accepts traders globally?

yes, IC markets has a global set up.

you can check the broker :charterprime
they have several busniness partner :like Australia government and AirAsia

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I haven’t heard of this name before. Are they regulated?

Regulated by the ASIC

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Yes, that is the right way to go about it, trying demos with different brokers will give you some clarity. I have used Oanda and they are okay. I have also tried Pepperstone, Etoro and Fxview. These are some low cost brokers that are good with their platforms. I remember using ActTrader with Fxview a few months back and it is as convenient as MT4 or even MT5. Anyway, for a good broker experience you can go ahead and try demos. Good luck to you.

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Great,Thanks for reverting!

Hi, you may check on Pacific Union. Their trading environment is good with low spread. Deposit channel is convenient for Canadian too.

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You can try pepperstone or fxview. Both are quite good and reliable as they are regulated.

I like the services of Pepperstone and IC markets. You can also try them out.

As per my knowledge among the brokers fxview, ic markets and pepperstone, no one accepts clients from Canada.

Thank you, Vince28. I’ll check it out.