I need help fast

Hello, everyone.
i’m new to forex trading and i’ve been demo trading for 3 mths now. In the process of demo trading i’ve heard some funny experiences. I opened two accounts ‘B’ and ‘S’. In account B, i traded the four major currency pairs and took only long orders in the 4 currencies while in account s, i sold the four major currencies, i.e i traded the opposite direction of my B demo account immeditely, but yet i had a loss(at least 100 pips) on both demo accounts. What could be the cause of this?
Also, even when i used the same demo account to buy and sell(i think this is called hedging) the same currency pair using the same stop loss references, i still lost money immensely.What could be the cause? Thanks in advance for your answers.


the spreads (the difference between the buy and sell).

also do both pay carry trade interest?

hedging has its place, but would you not be better off working on a plan to trade and make a profit? thats where the real money is made in forex!


As n_aftab said, the spread is going to automatically mean you lose money on every position, assuming you put both long and short trades on simultaneously. Also, you will always lose money on the interest carry as well, since what you pay/receive is also based on a bid/ask spread that goes against you in all cases.

I think it’s refered to as a “minus sum” game. I’m off - in search of Alpha!