I need help form an Indicator Sherp

I’ve been trading for around 3 years now and I’ve touched indicators a hand full of times. I found it pretty overwhelming and confusing to say the least at the amount of sheer numbers of indicators out there. My mentor taught me how to make strategies without indicators and in his eyes he also saw them as just a distraction.

As I am starting to create a course/coaching I thought I would delve back into the abyss of indicators. (Why not)
All my trades are based around breakout time patterns but I was wondering what indicators people use to get a signal for a breakout move?

Love to hear some suggestions of settings so I can test the indicators against my strats and see how effective they would be.

P.s I=I usually stay in 30m, 1h, 4h time frames if that makes a differnce
Cheers in advance
Happy pipping

Did your coach/mentor ever mention using the grid lines to make your trading decisions?

No I use sections to make my trading decision. A sections is the distance between the high and low of to bars so for example a trade I do I use the 7.30/8.00 section on 30 min chart and my profit is 5 sections thats the simple simple version of the process it has much more rules then that.