I need help (Gbp/usd)

First I am new here… but I need your help… can some of you experts tell me where do you think the gbp/usd is going … I am in a bad situation and I need to know :confused:

i believe that the USD is coming back and the trend goes short but there will be many important news coming up this week so everything can change.

for next several hours maybe days the trend will go short i hope you not on long trade

Hi Btrade,

Which time frame you are using and what type of trader are you? As for me I am a DAY trader and only do short-term trade and use the 1hr and the 15 min chart.


Hi Babyfx

I use th 1h chart and I am a short-term trader … but I am still in the learning process

If I knew/was sure I would be increasing my position size, other than that its a speculative game. All I can say is that whatever level the pair will be as of tomorrow at 1600GMT will be reversed, so if the trend is up at the said time you’d want to be short come the hour.
As I said its all speculative, theres the chance I could be wrong:confused: .