I need your experience in lots

i just won 1 dollar ! and that is so stupid and so funny in the same time . i got forex risk calculator and it said if you put stop loss in 136 pips you gonna risk 10 dollar and that also means if i get 136 pips i would win 10 dollar right ! but what went down is that i got 136 pips in my way but my profit was only 1 dollar ! and there is one thing i would like to mention . it said i need to put 0.01 lots to risk 10 dollar in 136 pips … if you have any idea whats wrong with me please help > waiting for your help and tell me what would you do with one dollar could it change your life :slight_smile:

Your analysis is correct, you should make $1 after 13.6 pips and $10 after 136 pips if you got your calculations right. I recommend using Babypips position size calculator.

If you are making use of mt4 be careful when inputing your stop loss since you input it as price and not in pips and try to understand the difference between pip and pipette as this can lead to mistakes.

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thank you so much

I think you are making the classic newbie mistake and confusing pips with pipettes !

The “pips” are the 4th decimal place of most instruments, but they quote in 5 decimal points !

So instead of 136 pips you took profit at 13.6 pips ! (I think)

As for that dollar - You could frame it and hang it on the wall “My first ever dollar” - I did that with my first £1 when I had the second hand shop !

Else you could buy something for $1 and sell it for $2 etc etc - :do not break into it at all - it’s your trading money ! wink:

good to have your comment here < thank you so much
as for the dollar i will frame it… that is really good idea :slight_smile: