I programmed an EA. Now testing on 3 Real Account


I am a guy who studied programming for 5 years and I got interested in trading 3 years ago, and given all the failures I got from manual trading I thought about switching to automatic trading; I inquired a little bit about EAs and created one instead of looking for one on the internet, since according to my reasoning no one in their right mind would start selling a profitable EA, it could take it and scale the account.

the strategy that use is a bit complicated; the trades it executes are found by various indicators, the main ones are:
-EMA 7 10 50 100 200
-Ichimoku Cloud
-Pivot points
-Bollinger Bands
-Pairs Strenght

There are others but these are the main ones from which the trades are executed, and it also analyzes the candles to find their pattern like:
Hammer, Bullish and Bearish Engulfing etc …
I managed to combine many indicators and filters to make sure that the trades it performs are very accurate.

Obviously some trades are executed by some indicators and others by other indicators, because I have noticed that it is almost impossible to get all the indicators to get along in one trade.

I put the EA on 3 real accounts, linked on MyForexBook (User: FedericoLin)

I am not promoting any type of service or product as I do not intend to sell or rent the EA, the account regarding MyForexBook is only to show users that what I am saying is true, that is, I am testing my EA, which I programmed myself personally, it is tested on 3 real accounts. If it is against the regulation, I will immediately remove the part of the username.

Do you think it can work? for now it is working very well.

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As an EA programmer with 6 years of experience: Less is often more! Don’t use too many strategies and indicators/signals in one EA. It makes it slow and inefficent. The simplest strategies are often the best.

I have set a comment for each strategy, so I see which one is the most profitable and I use that. Anyway thanks for the advice I’ll keep it in mind

Hellooooo. :blush: I agree with Ravenash that having a lot of indicators may be a bit confusing at times. But if it works for you, then by all means! :blush: I personally would love to see how it plays out though? :open_mouth: Are you planning to also post your charts and trades? :blush:

Hello :smile:,

I was planning to post the results monthly, I’m quite curious how it will go too. I put the EA to work the second week of July, so I will post the first monthly summary at the end of the second week of August for those who are curious.

If you want you can go to see the performance on MyForexBook. User: FedericoLin

Here we are, a month has passed and this is the statement of my EA performance, the EA is still under test and development.

As I had previously mentioned the EA uses many strategies, and during the test I left only the most profitable ones, who possess the following comments V1, V2, V3, V4 and Gold.

The strategies V1, V2, V3 and V4 trades on Forex, and Gold trade on Gold (XAUUSD)

the profits are not that great as I kept changing the parameters and adding / removing strategies

if you want to see the account in live I will provide you with the Investor credentials:

Server MT4: FusionMarkets-Live
Account Number: 123020
Investor Password: SafeTrading

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For the month of September the profits will certainly be greater, see you at the end of it for the next statement

Stay Safe

Good morning guys,

I hope you guys are doing well, i added 2 more strategies for the EA, the V5 and V6 that works on Forex pairs, and also i opened 2 account with a initial balance of 100€, i will write down the investor account credentials, but you can also find it on my MyForexBook profile (Profile Name: FedericoLin).

Server MT4: XMGlobal-Real 8
Account Number: 12288733
Investor Password: SafeTrading

Server MT4: BlueberryMarkets-Live
Account Number: 456314
Investor Password: SafeTrading

Stay Safe

Good morning,

I’m deactivating my main account investor password (the first one) because some people are using it to scam, you still can track it on the MyForexBook page.

Sorry for the inconvenince.

Stay Safe


I deactivated the XM Account and withdrawed the money because the spread is soo high and the EA will not work. I’m still in search of more broker.

Stay Safe

XM is a marketmaker broker. Avoid marketmaker!!
Use instead for example pepperstone, icmarkets, etc.