I Programmed FX Prime EA

Hello guys!, sharing my hard work in here. So I programmed my very own Expert Advisor (EA). After code optimization and backtesting, it is now running in real account under FBS broker. It is a martingale strategy. However, it has a supporting algorithm for it’s entry points making it more effective in the market. There is no such thing as perfect ea and I am very much aware with the risk involved in martingale strategy. But my ea offers a promising risk-reward ratio.

Let’s say you put 200 USD Cent, and it got wiped out. The best thing to do is invest and try again because this ea has a profit factor of 6.0+ it has a capability of 900% gain, so let’s say this time the ea was able to survive in the market for one year and in that one year you gain almost 900% of your capital, so now you have 900% * capital - 200USD (your first losses). So that’s what I mean when it comes to risk-reward ratio.

My EA setup was in M15 (15 minutes timeframe) attached to GBP/USD pair. As per backtesting 500 USD Cent is the minimum.

Attached the image of backtest result for one year. You can clearly tell in this result that this ea has a capability in the market. The test has a modelling quality of 99.9%.

By the way guys if you want to monitor this account.
I will leave here the investor password.

Account Number: 250772832
Investor Password: ar5n3iRC
Account Server: FBS-Real-5

TP Hit in GU Guys!
9% Gain yesterday!
Amazing result! 500 USD Cent Account. GU Pair at M15 Timeframe.

I will update you again next week. :slight_smile:

where is download?

Hello guys, just to update you from my profit today, it was a 25% gain!! for today tp!! amazing right?!!

look at that profit factor, it has a profit factor of 7.66!! crazy!!

by the way this account started July 19, 2021.
for those who wants to join we have telegram. you can search it in here I think, because I cannot post link in this forum. so just search it in telegram and join the channel.

This is our trade before the TP.

Eyyyy TP Hit for today! :slight_smile:

66.72% profit gain. Started July 19, 2021, starting fund of 500USD. great trades!