I see some ass is attacking BP again!

Lots of red flags on various threads… got a multi defence gateway. BP under attack again! Whats with these low lifes!

‘Black hole’ virus? Checked my end… over to you adims.

I got hit with a virus to. Luckily my detector picked it up

I have lots of browser tabs open so I didn’t realize it was BP but my eset antivirus was screaming at me earlier. Fortunately it’s very good at stopping things like that.

Interesting stuff about that particular virus. It’s likely not the site here that is infected, but one of the adds.

Zscaler Research: Blackhole exploits kit attack growing

I got this warning on my screen I ignored it and received a virus when I connected to the site.
Microsoft security essentials virus scanner detected this virus and removed it.
Alert Level: Severe

Oh hey, you guy’s got that too! My browser was like, ‘PAGE BLOCKED, VIRUS!!!’ and I clicked ignore because it’s baby pips…I don’t think I got anything though.

I’d run a virus scan if I were you, I definately got a virus from it.

No, I didn’t get anything. When i clicked ‘ignore’ the page loaded and then my browser asked me if I wanted to run Java App. Obviously if I ran that, I would have gotten something. I did not allow java so i am safe!

Hello everyone,

We are so sorry for this! We’re currently trying to figure this one out but for now, clearing your cache should fix it up.

Let me know how that works out for you! I’ll keep you all updated once we have more information.


Most likely yes, that’s how it usually works. Since I run Firefox and Adblock as well as Flashblock I haven’t seen any viruses at all :slight_smile:

FF and adblock here as well. On top of Unix. :slight_smile:

What I however recognized is that bp seems to be slower than in the older days. Just a feeling.

I’m a little suspicious of that annoying little popup asking for feedback. When I want to go back to the previous page of posts on a thread, I click on the previous page number at the bottom of the thread, the last time I did that, instead of the popup I got that page with the virus warning.

Greetings SDC,

Please empty/refresh your browser cache if you’re still seeing that virus warning. The procedures to do that vary between browsers, but you can do it in IE and FireFox by holding down CTRL and clicking the refresh button within the browser’s address bar.

To the rest of the BabyPips.com commuity, we want to sincerely apologize for this mishap. We’ve tracked the virus issues to our ad server, just as Master Tang mentioned in an earlier post. From what we can gather, one of two things occurred. Several months ago we were made aware by our ad server vendor that an exploit/security vulnerability was discovered in their software. We immediately patched, within 24 hours if I remember right. What we’ve since learned is that our ad server was compromised either right before the patch was made available, or the patch itself was infected right from the vendor. Either way, we got bit and so did our ads. Strangely, the website that was pushing the virus yesterday wasn’t doing so even just weeks ago. We’ve searched out the files that the browser security prompts mentioned and removed them from our ad server.

Going forward, we’re working to revise our current patch management and secruity audit strategy with our ad server, and our response time in the event of similar issues, if they reoccur. We definitely didn’t get at the issue quick enough. We got hit at probably the worst time, Saturday/Sunday, when staffing is at its lowest. Thanks to our Forum and Facebook members for bringing this issue to our attention! You guys are awesome.

Once again, we’ll do our best to keep this from happening again. To anyone with ongoing issues due to virus infection, please contact us via the Forums or our Contact Us form as soon as you can so we can lend a hand to get you up and running like normal.

Thanks everyone,

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