I suspect there is some sort of ''scammers network'' in regards to SMC trading concepts

… I see theres a lot of traders on youtube basically they interview each other about how great of a trader they are and how much money they made and somehow they all have a discord channel and sell mentorships…these are all like 18 20 year olds, I mean if you’re that successful at trading and made so much money why waste your time selling courses for $500…and somehow they all trade SMC…

Am I really that bad of a trader that I’m getting outdone by 19 year old youtubers? Or is there really an SMC scammers network going on like I suspect?

And they all sell the same old lame story how they struggled in the beginning then leaned about SMC now they live in a penthouse and drive a Mclaren after 3 years of trading…Something’s not right here, or am I just a bitter old man…?

They’re not scamming anyone actually just selling something that’s available for free anyways, I just find it hard to believe that some 19 year old made so much money trading forex in 3 years that he can afford to buy a Penthouse in Dubai and own a Mclaren…also what I don’t understand if you’re that great of a trader and have so much money why bother selling something for a couple hundred bucks ?

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Finally, someone else noticed! EXACTLY! you have a penthouse and at the same time, you are trying to sell your packages for like $500? Come on… But I guess they can seduce lots of people with their photos and etc. Hope that no one believes them! And from now on, I’m thinking about your suspicions too :)))

As i know a trader, who has great results with SMC and is now preparing herself for a ftmo challenge, i wouldn’t say SMC are scam.

That there is a lot of supply in mentorships is because SMC are very easy to sell and promote to people who start their trading journey and are on the search for the holy grail. The ideas just sound good. And if something sounds good and is easy to sell, then there are a lot of scammers who try to profit from it, too.

But i do think that there are very successful traders who sell mentorships and courses. And they do so to simply earn more money. Because at one point you will hit the ceiling and your trading wont be scaleable anymore due to liquidity or your inability to handle more risk per trade. At this point you may change your approach, stop growing or you try to earn money by selling your expertise. If you are charismatic enough and can convince a lot of people, then there is maybe even more money to earn as in trading, with smaller risk.